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I am so thankful for the technical support staff! They are absolutely wonderful, and I have no idea what I would do without them. They are so quick to respond, and so friendly. All around great company!

Sabrina Houston, Client Support Specialist


Love this software! I can keep track of what jobs we have on schedule each day all on one screen versus flipping through an appointment book!

Nikole Hayes

Roscoe Callaway Co. Inc.

The program is very user friendly. Whether I am personally scheduling a client or they are scheduling themselves online it is very easy to use. Appointment-plus allows schedules to flow with ease. I like the capability of being away from my desk and able to pull up a schedule using the mobile app.

Michele Vaughn

Animal Rescue Inc.

We have been using Appointment Plus for a couple of weeks and find it very simple & user friendly! Highly recommend!

Samantha Zishka, Enrolled Agent,

West Ridge Bookkeeping & Accounting Services, LLC

Five stars all around - almost. I would give the "ease of use" 4.5 stars, if possible. I just haven't had the time to work with the program enough to find out all the features and how to use them. That's on me but I wanted to be honest in my review!

Sherri Pforr, Programming/Public Relations Director

Coles County Council on Aging - LifeSpan Center

After quick training and fantastic on-going assistance from Gary, ApptPlus is user friendly and an efficient time saver.

Julia De Lacy, Shipping/Receiving Manager

Mann Public Warehouse

Customer Service/Technicians are always helpful and available. Appoinment Plus is a versatile software tool that can be accommodating to a varied range of businesses.

Dan Siefring, Inbound Transportation Mgr.


Appointment Plus has been a huge success for us, setting up custom fields so we may collect different data. One can easily view a day, with multiple appointments with multiple mentors. We love the way they accommodate our needs!

Sharon Grigsby, VP of Finance, Treasurer


There was a learning curve for me using the program. I am not a "tech" person. However, I have come to depend on the program. It has saved me hours of working doing tutor scheduling by hand. It has also cut out about 90% of "no shows" and missed appointments.

Raylene Steward, Tutor Coordinator/Assistant to Director

TRiO Student Support Services

I have used Appointments Plus for the last 12 years. I am continually impressed with the ease of use and the customer service that I receive. I don't think I have come across a better group of people to deal with in any of my business transactions. From the people who helped me set it up in the beginning to the customer service reps who helped with technical issues. Great value for the money with great customer service to boot.

Linda Grape, Owner

Neda Massage

Having online booking for my one-person business has been life-changing! Its brought so much order and efficiency to the process for me, and my customers love it, too.

Linda Scott, Owner

Linda Scott Pianos

A great software, reliable and very easy to use. We Highly recommend it to any one looking for a scheduling software.

Hanan Dawah, General Coordinator

Arab Academy

Love it. Very easy to use and set up. Support is very quick and correct the first time. I would and have recommended this software to other companies.

Dave Rettger, Manager

Northland Logistics

Customer on-boarding and support make this product easy to use. They get it set up to your specifications and you can just run with it. If you hit a bump, they are there to help you.

LeeAnne Carlson

Lakeland Care

Any time I have ever had an issue or problem, I submit a ticket, they respond telling me they received it and they are working on it. Then, usually within the same day they get back to me and the issue is resolved. They explain why it happened, how to prevent in the future, if applicable and they also give me other helpful resources. I am a very satisfied customer!

Gretchen Carlson

City of Roseville

Great product...easy to use. Does just enough and not so much that it's complicated.

Marshal Guidry, Director of Freshman Advising

McNeese State University

The website is very powerful, so there is a bit of a learning curve, but that's a small price for the complete functionality of this powerful tool. We've used it for many different applications, and it never fails to impress and deliver. The best part is the customer service. Always warmly professional.

Thomas Saputo, Photography Manager

Lifetouch / Prestige Portraits

We have 3-4 employees making appointments all day long and this program is great for multiple users!

Kathy Metz

Portraits By Kathy, Inc.

AppointmentPlus has probably saved at least 10+ hours, at a cost saving of about $150-$180 per week.

John Snyder

Drive-Rite Driving School

We save 28 hours a month on scheduling because we used to do everything on paper.

Maria Eugenia Berrios

Honors Learning Center

The center has seen significant time savings and better allocation of staff resources.

Jennifer Hannu

Talecris Plasma Resources

We used pen and paper before, which was not efficient in time or customer service. The time saved is amazing and appointments are accurate. At least 10 hours weekly is saved and customer service has improved immensely.

Bobbie Williams

Georgia Southern University

We have around nine advisers using the system, and I would guess it saves each one of them around three hours a week over our old system. That's 27 hours per week as an organization by making one simple switch to AppointmentPlus.

Doug Little

Georgetown University

The center has saved at least 10 hours per week in missed appointments and no-shows, as well as time spent on reminder calls.

Dr. Ray Kadkhodaian

The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center

My patients like the convenience of making their own appointments. They also appreciate the email reminder message that comes to them two days before their appointment. As an administrator, I appreciate the email notification I receive when a patient has registered.

Brenda Witt

Proactive Health Solutions, LLC

AppointmentPlus has become “a big resource” for the College of Business Administration and the university.

Bobbie Williams

Georgia Southern University

We have found AppointmentPlus most beneficial in starting up and running our day spa. The system is user-friendly, well-formatted, convenient for our business, and customer service is tops. We highly recommend this service to any business that accepts appointments.

James and Shirley Aberle

Neuromuscular Therapy Center

I am so glad I chose AppointmentPlus - your service is excellent. I especially appreciate AppointmentPlus' representative's timeliness and attention to detail whenever I've needed a question answered, or assistance with a special service. I recommend it to anyone that has, have or ever will need an appointment book online service.

Cherie Hokamura


We have over 1100 police officers we schedule for firearms qualification, in service training, and advanced training. We needed a system which could manage all scheduling and generate the necessary reports for our department and the department of public safety. The AppointmentPlus software has met our needs and we continue to find new areas where it can be utilized. The price is very affordable for the tightest budget and the support staff are great!

Fowler Johnston

Albuquerque Police Department Academy

During periods of parent conference appointments, this project has saved hundreds of hours by allowing staff to not focus on the mechanics of schedule coordination.

Craig Finley

Whitman-Hanson Regional School District

You guys are so customer-friendly. We had the dedicated set-up coach that answered every question and was very patient with all that we asked. You customized the software to fit our every need. Your software is also more user-friendly for our students. They are actually doing cancellations now, because your software is easier to use. That is wonderful for us; it helps us determine how many students are actually coming that day. They would not bother to cancel their appointments on our other software because it was too difficult.
Your reports are easy to pull and you have a choice of many options. Also, any time I have submitted a question to your support group, I have gotten an answer back the same day. I can’t say enough good things about AppointmentPlus. We love it!

Sherry Bennett

Itawamba Community College

Online Scheduling Client Picture “The Nance College of Business is recognized in the region for excellence in preparing future business leaders. Nance faculty use innovative techniques in the classroom and in their research. We appreciate the great services provided by AppointmentPlus.“

Ken Dippong, Director of Student Services

Nance College of Business Administration Cleveland State University

We are a member of the national Citizens Advice Service providing free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities. We use AppointmentPlus to manage all our caseworker appointments and to organise which interview rooms will be used for this to ensure efficient organisation of our space.

Jackie Preston, Chief Executive

Swansea Citizens Advice Bureau, UK

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