Mason Myers

Mason Myers, Investor & Board Member

A self-described fan of Warren Buffet’s financial philosophy, investor Mason Myers is a general partner of the investment fund Greybull Stewardship and co-owner of the National Holistic Institute (NHI).

After graduating from Duke University in 1993, Mason served as a manager of the Smart Valley project, a nonprofit Internet pioneer in Silicon Valley, and helped create Student Advantage
(IPO in 1999), a social tool for college students. He received an MBA from Harvard Business School in 2002—using some of his student loan money to invest in Zipcar while he was there (IPO in 2011). In 2003, he bought NHI with a partner.  He began Greybull Stewardship in 2010 to give business owners a more flexible option when raising capital.

A lover of the outdoors, Mason spent his childhood near Yellowstone National Park, was engaged in Teton National Park, and was married in Yosemite National Park. He spends nearly every weekend in Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

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