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If you're looking for seminar booking or class appointment scheduling software, AppointmentPlus can provide an easy-to-use solution to scheduling needs. The system has two versions: one appointment per time slot and multiple appointments per time slot. Depending on how your operation is run, either may work. But, for most needs, the multiple appointments per time slot version works best.

That version allows you to set up specific time slots and tell the system how many people you can accommodate for that time slot. If you are allowing your clients to book reservations themselves, the system will prompt them for the number in their group and disallow overbooking. But, from the site administration interface, you can override the set limits and overbook if needed.

If you require prepayment, the system can prompt the client for payment when they book their appointment. Or, you can have the system prompt the client for payment to “hold” their booking. The payment information would not be processed; it would simply be added to their client profile.

Automatic e-mail reminders are sent to each client who sets a reservation in the scheduler. They can also receive an e-mail upon completing the seminar.

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