Online Booking for Fields, Courts, Rooms and Other Facilities

If you are managing school sports facilities then you will no doubt be looking for the best scheduling software that you can find. That's where AppointmentPlus comes in. AppointmentPlus is being used by many school sporting facilities managers today to streamline the booking process.

It doesn't matter if you need to manage one field, court or room, or many, school facility scheduling software is the ideal solution.

The software allows organizers and users to log on and schedule their facilities through the Internet. Because it works online, you don't have to worry about the expensive and troublesome issue of trying to network all of your computers.

An important feature of the school scheduling software is that it comes with built-in user access types. This means that you can control what different school staff and users of the sporting facilities can access when they log into the site. Examples of user access types are:

  • Limiting a customer to only see the appointments they have booked when they log in
  • Allowing a front desk or answering service to book facilities, but have limited access to other parts of the system
  • Allowing view-only access while restricting the ability to cancel or change appointments

Here are some additional features of the system:

  • Daily appointment reports
  • Automatic e-mail appointment reminders that you can customize
  • Outlook export
  • Sales tracking
  • Recurring staff appointment scheduling
  • Classes/events

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