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As a nutritionist or dietitian, you know that there is no quick fix for creating a healthy body. There’s no single food or fitness tip that will get your clients the results they desire. But you do have the magic formula, so to speak, for wellness: Nutrition + Exercise = Health. Okay, that’s a simplified version of the formula, but sometimes the truth is easier to digest in small pieces (pardon the pun).

After people try gimmicks (plastic tongue patch? Really?), pills, and fad diets and fail to see a real change in their well-being, they are usually ready to try something new. Or, maybe a recent illness has caused them to look for relief using natural remedies or supplements. Consumers are looking for someone to help them understand how the right foods can improve their physical, mental, and emotional health. But, in most cases, they never meet with a registered dietitian or nutritionist. So, how do you motivate these individuals to schedule an appointment with a
trained professional?

Let them do it easily and quickly with online scheduling by AppointmentPlus! Try it today!

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