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What if nobody understood what you were saying?

Even if it’s never happened to you, I’m sure you’ve observed it – the customer who can’t communicate with a store associate because of a language barrier, or a child who is hearing impaired and can’t understand what’s being asked of him. It’s a helpless feeling when you know what you want to say but have no way to get your message across.

When you aren’t able to communicate, progress stops. Fortunately, there are companies like yours that provide interpreting, translation, or transcription services for individuals and other companies.

When your sign language interpreting services are needed for a deaf employee, or one of your clients has an important business meeting with overseas colleagues and needs a phone or video interpreter, you are there to help keep the lines of communication open. So how are you managing all these multilingual staff members and different types of appointments?

With appointment scheduling software from AppointmentPlus, managing multiple staff members with varying language proficiencies is a breeze.

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