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As a first-timer, going to the gym can be an intimidating experience. There’s a machine for seemingly every muscle group in the body. It’s not uncommon to hear newbies mumbling things like, “OH MY GOSH, that guy’s bicep is the size of my head,” or “How will I ever burn off this spare tire covering up my six-pack?” It can be quite overwhelming.

But, for a regular, it’s more like wash, rinse, repeat.

Both first-timers and regulars alike can benefit from an easy and convenient way to schedule their next class or personal training session using health club scheduling software.

Your first-timer can schedule himself for a consultation with a trainer who’ll teach him the difference between a Smith Press (good) and a Tortilla Press (bad, but oh so good). While your regular customer, the one you know on a first name basis, can break the monotony of a long standing routine and easily put herself in spin class to get some variety.

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