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Smooth out scheduling bumps with AppointmentPlus

You know when you’re watching a movie, and the heroine wakes up and her hair is perfect and her skin is healthy and shiny? And then she goes on to save the world from nuclear destruction and her hair and skin still manage to be perfect, healthy, and shiny? Talk about your horribly unrealistic expectations.

Despite what Hollywood would lead us to believe, we aren’t all blessed with perfect hair and skin, and more often than not, we need the help of a licensed, expert esthetician to keep our outer layers looking healthy, smooth, and bright. What started out as a business of just three basic products – cleanser, toner, and moisturizer – the esthetician field has grown to include myriad ways to help improve and maintain healthy skin, and we non-Hollywood types need a lot of it.

With all of that business pouring in, it’s easy to believe that your practice’s schedule might get a little crazy. Between double-booking, no shows, and just not having the time or energy to spend on hours of scheduling nightmares, even estheticians could use a little boost.

That boost is online booking from AppointmentPlus! Try it today!

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