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It’s a tough question to ask, and not one that any church leader wants to answer with a “yes.” But, the truth is, running a church takes a lot more than just delivering sermons and having choir rehearsal. Not only that—there is more to “going to church” than just attending services and giving when the collection plate is passed.

Realistically, a growing church has multiple ministries, multiple service opportunities, and even multiple campuses. It takes work to keep all that organized. If your church staff is starting to feel the strain of keeping track of all the workshops, services, and volunteer shifts, then it’s time to learn about online appointment scheduling software for churches.

Your leadership has so much responsibility. Not only do you need to make sure that your congregation is able to find the spiritual guidance they need, the Members also need the opportunity to give back through their service and contributions. Orchestrating all those opportunities can be as tricky as navigating the baptismal pool without going under yourself!

So ask yourself, how much time is your church staff focusing on the “how” (as in, How can we get all these initiatives organized)? Is it more time than they spend focusing on the “why” (as in, Why are our Members here in our church)?

If the answer is yes, that’s okay! Many churches, especially growing ones, have loads of fantastic ideas, but not enough staff or volunteers to get them off the ground. So take a few minutes to get acquainted with church scheduling software by AppointmentPlus. You might be surprised to see the many ways that it can reduce the time and staff needed to keep all your ministries and service opportunities organized and fully staffed with volunteers!

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