Reduce costs at your educational facility with an efficient academic advising appointment scheduling software system

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It’s a no-brainer

You’ve got tons of school spirit, classrooms bursting with excited students, and a decent selection in the dining hall (hopefully). What you probably don’t have, though, is enough hours in the day. Between coordinating class schedules, accommodating staff requests, and relieving student concerns, you know the value of time management and process improvement.

You’ve probably wondered to yourself, “How can I improve the efficiency of my advising department and stay on budget?” You’ve likely also searched for methods to advance the relationships between the staff, professors, adjunct faculty, and students.

A robust academic advising software system is the solution for you and your university or college. The AppointmentPlus system allows you to manage your time effortlessly.

With AppointmentPlus, you can:

  • Allow students to book online
  • Manage multiple calendars
  • Sync with Outlook or Google
  • Run daily and weekly appointment reports
  • Send text message reminders

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