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Yoga — the ancient Indian word for the union of mind and body  has become not only a fitness craze but a total lifestyle change. Yoga can help relieve everything from anxiety and depression to insomnia, all while increasing one’s fitness level. An awesome workout for balance, flexibility, strength, and stamina, yoga is truly a holistic exercise. I can personally swear by it. It’s as simple as this — when I practice yoga, I feel better in every way (calm yet energized, ready to take on anything). When I don’t, I feel, well, blah.

For driving schools, competition is fierce. The Driving Schools Association of the Americas alone represents over 8,000 businesses in the U.S.

That's a lot of competitors to battle with for new clients.

"Like all small businesses, driving schools must find ways to attract and retain clients to grow their operations," said Bob La Loggia, CEO of Phoenix-based AppointmentPlus. "Getting ahead of the competition is crucial to establishing your business as the premier driving school in your area."

Five ways appointment booking software can improve your counseling business

For every type of human struggle, there is a type of counselor to help us work through it. Marriage, grief, substance abuse, credit, even career woes – counselors who help people deal with all of these concerns 

Provide great customer service using online bank appointment scheduling

If there’s anything we can say about the typical banking customer, it’s that there isn’t one. Anyone who has visited their local bank branch on a Saturday morning has seen it all – parents juggling toddlers, busy professionals multi-tasking on their smartphones, young entrepreneurs and their lemonade stand earnings (which I’m sure are 100% lawful). And, wouldn’t you know, each of them wants to interact with your bankers in their own way.

Massage therapist using appointment softwareScheduling may seem like it’s an easy task at first. After all, it’s “just” filling a time slot with a client and a massage therapist, right? But you probably already know that it’s far more complicated than that. Some important things you have to keep in mind with regard to scheduling include staff utilization, the number of recurring clients per therapist, and room availability. And all those scheduling challenges don’t even include the daily demands of managing staff, which can be more time consuming than any other task.

Even if you’re using a robust massage therapy software system for appointment booking, it’s still possible to make a mistake or two along the way. The key is doing what you can to prevent any calendar flubs from occurring.
Check out some of the most common scheduling mishaps, and the best ways to avoid them:

Manufacturers, distribution centers, warehouses and other inbound facilities can automate the delivery process with transportation scheduling software.

Managing deliveries with transportation scheduling software is quickly becoming a necessity for manufacturers as nationwide productivity continues to rise.  

The Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation is forecasting that industrial production will increase 2.2 percent in 2013, an increase from the 2 percent reported in its 2012 forecast. It expects the growth rate to increase to 3.6 percent in 2014.

According to a 2016 study by Technavio, the global nail care market is projected to reach a value of around $9 billion USD by the end of 2019. A large driver of this growth is teenaged girls. The study says that for about 91% of this segment, nail products are the top cosmetic item.

Most personal trainers don't have the budget for expensive and flashy marketing campaigns. Yet, attracting new clients is a necessity for personal trainers to be successful.

Fortunately, there's a proven and FREE way to attract prospects to your business: with online marketing tactics!

According to Professional Consultants and Resources (PCR), salon services and retail products increased 4.1 percent to over $75 billion last year.

This statistic is great news for salon owners, as it presents the perfect opportunity to grow their businesses.

"The professional salon/spa industry remains resilient," said Steve Sleeper, executive director of the Professional Beauty Association. "Overall indicators and feedback from beauty professionals across the country continue to be positive, and we hope to see additional growth in the near future."

Growing demand for services also means greater competition.

As technology continually advances, businesses in America struggle to keep themselves modernized. Businesses of all kinds are focused on providing faster, friendly and more convenient customer service. They're also looking for business software that gives them an edge over the competition.

Here's the catch: your customers and clients are becoming more and more used to being pampered by service that is quick and convenient. In many cases, they will accept nothing less.

That's why staying current with all of your software applications is so important to the success of your health club.

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