Marcus Krieg, Director of Strategy & Optimization, Wirebuzz.

Whether you’ve made an attempt at including video in your marketing strategy, or you’ve never even considered the idea, you’ll want to listen to this interview with Marcus Krieg, the Director of Strategy & Optimization for WireBuzz.

Tammy Baden, Enterprise Account Manager, AppointmentPlus

As an Account Manager at AppointmentPlus, Tammy Baden walks a fine line between being the voice of the customer and an advocate for the company. She sites meditation, her tendency to “eat the frog first,” and a firm belief in the Golden Rule as ways she builds relationships while keeping her cool.

Christine Kucik, our Director of Product, shares her career highlights and philosophy of success as a leader in technology and web development. 

Steve Booze COO AppointmentPlus Scheduling Software

Steve Booze is the COO of AppointmentPlus and a leader in the Phoenix business community.

A visionary strategist and gifted leader, Steve excels at building relationships among employees and customers and has a demonstrated ability to create world-class teams.

AppointmentPlus Marketing Team “Bring It”

“If I were to start again, I would make different types of mistakes. At least this way, I know the mistakes I’ve made and the outcomes.”

Kendall Matthews is the Vice President of Global Marketing & Communication at AppointmentPlus, a niche SaaS company.

AppointmentPlus® scheduling software serves more than 7,000 growing businesses. Last year alone, its software processed more than 54 million appointments.

In addition to leading an integrated direct-response marketing team of nearly 20 people, Kendall is an author, a producer, and an investing employee-preneur.

“My morning routine has been a game changer. It’s all about having sacred daily time to meditate, read, and think about goals and strategy.”

Bob La Loggia is the founder and CEO of AppointmentPlus, a fast-growing 85-person SaaS business based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Bob is a serial entrepreneur who’s passionate about his business and helping Arizona develop a world-class startup ecosystem.

Fingerprints illustrating the unique requirements of each business entity.

Although there’s been some recent doubt cast on the whole “no two people have the exact same fingerprints” theory, I think we can still generally agree that people are unique. And the more of them you put together in a group, the more unique that group becomes.

Your Competitors Are Not Your Enemies

“Yamaha wotsubusu.” Translated to English, this means, “We will crush, squash, and slaughter Yamaha.” This was Honda’s mission statement during the so-called “Honda-Yamaha War” in the early 1980s. Nike’s mission statement in the 60s was “Crush Adidas,” which they did. So, they had to come up with a different mission statement. In an incredible flash of marketing creativity, they switched it to “Crush Reebok,” which, of course, they also did. Even Pepsi got into the game with their mission statement of “Beat Coke.”

Freedom in Delegation

It’s rare to strike oil while digging a hole for a swingset in your backyard or to meet someone who has traveled to the moon. But, it’s even more rare to find someone who can delegate effectively.

Don't Be Like a Turtle

It always amazes me when I see a turtle retracting its head and limbs into its shell. What a cool safety mechanism nature has given the turtle! If you’ve ever witnessed a turtle doing this, you may also have noticed how long it takes for them to be comfortable enough to return to normal. They poke their head out ever so slightly to assess the situation. If danger is near, the head goes right back in. Over time, as they start to feel more at ease, their head slowly starts to extend, the limbs gently pop out and the turtle goes about its day.

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