How scheduling software can solve three key recruitment challenges for HR professionals in today’s digital world.

Ever managed an email thread with a pool of interns all hoping to schedule an interview? You’re right to shudder at the thought.

Let’s face it: times change, and therefore so too must the pen and Post-It Note solutions to HR’s most common problems. Today’s candidates are mobile, and increasingly used to a level of connectivity that the “old ways” of HR communication simply can’t handle.

The awesome news is that when your company finally takes the plunge and subscribes to technology that allows for elegant and efficient interactions, everyone wins—your hiring department, your candidate, and your ROI.

Zapier: How to Manage it's Downside

First of all, let’s establish something. I love Zapier! Yes, I said it; I love how this tool has solved so many problems for so many companies. It has increased productivity while decreasing headaches for thousands of organizations. Zapier probably has no way of calculating this, but I would bet that the amount of cost savings it has provided for companies because of increased efficiency is in the millions.

So, yes, it’s a fantastic piece of software.

Zapier is in a category of software called middleware, which allows different software systems to work with each other. It’s not exactly a new concept, but the way Zapier designed this middleware is definitely different than the others. In short, they’ve designed it for the masses. Anyone can sign up for it and have their CRM talking to their marketing automation application in minutes. No joke.

That’s what it does. And it does it very well – but not perfectly.

Anyone looking into using Zapier needs to be aware what they might be getting into. So for your reading pleasure, I’ve assembled the nine pitfalls to watch for when using Zapier.

Let’s dive in!

Raymond Wiley and Dhruv Bhate

This edition of AppointmentPlus Radio brings together two industry leaders within the tech sector. Raymond Wiley, a general manager with Sun-Tec America, shares the story of how he landed his current position, as well as

Marcus Krieg, Director of Strategy & Optimization, Wirebuzz.

Whether you’ve made an attempt at including video in your marketing strategy, or you’ve never even considered the idea, you’ll want to listen to this interview with Marcus Krieg, the Director of Strategy & Optimization for WireBuzz.

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Christine Kucik, our Director of Product, shares her career highlights and philosophy of success as a leader in technology and web development. 

Once, during a company meeting, our CEO Bob La Loggia, offering up a compliment on my ability to juggle multiple development projects, announced, “In the hierarchy of multitasking ability, there are men, then there are women, and then there is Nate.” I took pride in “wearing multiple hats,” and being critically involved in multiple projects as a software developer. I wanted to own everything. I thought that by doing so, I was providing the ultimate value to my employer.

Productivity expert and organizational development strategist Nancy Nemitz

Since 2004, Nancy Nemitz has helped companies of all sizes (and their employees) “de-clutter” processes and work habits that keep them from accomplishing their goals.

In this interview, Nancy shares her philosophy and wisdom about increasing productivity through organizational development, including:

Vintage photo of a Piggly Wiggly store parking lot, circa 1961, where the customer self-service concept was born.

In the previous posts in this series, we examined the many benefits that self-service scheduling brings to you as a business and to your customers. We also covered the risks of not implementing self-service solutions into your business processes.

Photo of Arizona entrepreneur John Fees

Join host Kendall Matthews, VP of Global Marketing for AppointmentPlus, as he talks with Arizona native, entrepreneur, and founder of Next Generation Insurance Group, John Fees.

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