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“We use Appointment-Plus to handle our teachers’ very busy schedules. The web-based software is easy to use from anywhere in the world.”

Beth Rohde
Coast Music Conservatory

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What is a Setup Coach™?

When you start using any new software system, you want to quickly learn and set up the system so that you can start using it. Unfortunately, learning a new system takes time, and most of us don't have a lot of extra time.

That's why we have developed the Appointment-Plus Setup Coach™ program. When you sign up for Appointment-Plus, you are assigned a coach. The role of your Setup Coach™ is to listen to your specific business needs and help you get the system quickly set up and configured to best meet your needs.

You can utilize your coach as much as you need during your free trial period. You can call them or email them directly. They will help you determine if the system is right for you and your organization.

Our Setup Coaches™ go through a rigorous 6-week training program to ensure they have the knowledge to help you get set up and using the system quickly. If your coach can't answer your question, they are backed up by our industry-leading AccurateAnswers™ support group.

When you sign up for your free trial, you are immediately assigned your coach. Your trial account is a live account and can be set up and used right away. By providing you a free Setup Coach™, along with top-notch technical support and easy-to-understand documentation, you can quickly determine how to best utilize the system for your specific organizational needs.


Maria Bewcyk BHK, CEP, MES
Owner/Registered Kinesiologist - Cutting Edge Conditioning

"At Cutting Edge Conditioning we strive to condition the mind, body and spirit in one holistic training experience. To better serve our clients we decided to incorporate Appointment-Plus, providing on-line booking services at our clinic. We have found this service very reliable and efficient"
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