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No doubt about it – wellness is in. Consumers are becoming more concerned about physical fitness and better-for-you foods with every passing day. Wellness is even becoming a fashion statement, as the popularity of fitness trackers rise.

Whether you run a corporate wellness center or any other type of wellness operation, your ambition, and that of your staff, is to show your growing customer base how to lead healthy, vibrant lives. By providing much-needed holistic and traditional services, you offer freedom from a number of illnesses, including mental, physical, and occupational.

Whether the services you provide include health screenings, fitness training, acupuncture, yoga, detoxification, physical therapy, chiropractic care, nutritional advice, or massage therapy, the love of your clients remains the same. When you commit to assisting clients on the road to optimum wellness, you’ll do what it takes to ensure their experiences at your facilities are relaxing, accommodating, and comforting.

And speaking of accommodating, why not let them book wellness appointments online? Using the AppointmentPlus wellness software system, you can make an even bigger positive impact in their lives. By providing an online booking system, customers can make appointments when it’s most opportune for them. What’s more – you free up valuable staff time so they can spend more time working directly with clients and less time making, changing and canceling appointments.

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Rejuvenate your business

Your clients are searching for ways to lead healthier lives. To do this, they need solutions that are more than skin deep. Your clients may already be in good health and simply want to keep steadily improving. Others may suffer from knee and joint pain, carpal tunnel, or weight issues. Regardless, your work with them focuses just as much on their mental and spiritual wellness, as it does on their physical fitness.

Give your business the same treatment! Discover how a wellness appointment scheduler can revitalize your business by boosting your efficiency and maximizing your time spent with clients. It’s like healing for your business, from the inside, out.

Maximize staffing resources with online booking

When you allow your clients to self-schedule, you free up your staff to handle other important tasks and projects. This can reduce the amount of staff you need to run an effective business and gives you access to the resources you need to complete more projects and tasks.

Keep all of your locations on one page

When you juggle multiple offices and practitioners, confusion can run amok. Clean up the way you do business by using efficient calendar software. We give you the tools to manage all of your locations and staff without having to log in and out to access different schedules. You can even share staff among locations if they work at multiple facilities throughout the week.

Increase profitability through lead tracking

Whenever you acquire a new client, use AppointmentPlus® software to send them a quick survey so they can share how they discovered your clinic. Easily track these leads over time by running one of our customized reports, and your marketing efforts will become more targeted and successful.

Improve your ROI with our Point of Sale plug-in

Have a product line of herbal supplements, vitamins, or skin care products? Do you want an opportunity to offer gift certificates or special promotional codes in order to boost sales and bookings? Use our Point-of-Sale plug-in to bring in the additional revenue you’ve been looking for.

AppointmentPlus offers a very customizable online scheduling option and superb customer service. I would strongly recommend it to business owners who are serious about expanding their website capability and providing excellent scheduling experiences.
Kevin Luo, L.AcTxHarmony Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

A difference your clients will notice

Utilizing a wellness scheduling software system can have clear benefits for you, your business partners, and your staff. But how does it affect your clients? Will they see a difference? You bet they will, and it’ll be a positive change.

Regulars don’t have to worry about rescheduling

Keep your regular clients healthy and strong by setting up repeat appointments. So no matter how often you need to see a client, you can create recurring appointments for daily, weekly, or monthly visits. The system can also automatically send handy email reminders to clients you haven’t seen in a while. Consistency is king when it comes to wellness!

Customer data stays safe and secure

When your clients choose to book online, they register with a secure login. With their username and password, they can edit their personal information, including contact numbers and addresses. They can also enter their preferred billing methods, if you choose to offer online payments. And, we know the security and privacy of your client’s data is of utmost importance, so we follow HIPAA guidelines and utilize industry-leading safeguards in our software.

Keep notes on clients to better serve them

When you meet with a customer, you can make detailed notes about their exercise regimen, dietary habits, medication and supplement intake, and stress management. Easily track their progress over time without fear of forgetting or losing paper notes. With web-based notes that you can access from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you’ll make even better recommendations for your clients to help them feel better and live better.

Gentle reminders prevent no-shows

It’s a breeze to set up email and text appointment reminder alerts for your clients. These reminders are automatic, so you don’t need to spend time manually sending or continually updating them. Plus, if your client forgets an upcoming appointment and can no longer make it, he or she can change their appointment date online without having to call. With AppointmentPlus software, some organizations have experienced up to an 50% reductions in no-shows.

Wellness booking software is a win-win, not only for your staff, but also for your clients. That’s something to feel good about!

The center has saved at least 10 hours per week in missed appointments and no-shows, as well as time spent on reminder calls.
Dr. Ray KadkhodaianThe Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center

Integration that’s truly painless

Don’t invest in a scheduler that slows you down! Get wellness software that’s multi-faceted and compatible with your favorite programs. Integration is our middle name. Well, not technically... But it’s definitely important to us.

Integration is so important that we’ve synced up with a multitude of programs and software to keep your wellness business running smoothly. Some of the third-party apps you can install include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • WordPress
  • MailChimp
  • VerticalResponse
  • And more!

With seamless integration, you’ll see improvements in every aspect of your marketing campaigns. So go ahead! Write those blogs, send those emails, and let your clients book via your Facebook page. Spread the word about your wellness clinics, and watch the business roll in.

No, really! Watch the business roll in with our customizable, detailed reports that provide you with daily transaction data, staff utilization, and popularity of services. The options are endless.

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