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It’s not easy to ask for help

When the rest of the world seems to “get it” while you or your child struggles, it can be deflating and frustrating. Even more so, when you are willing and able to work hard to improve, and it feels like nothing you’re doing is working.

Of course, this is nothing new to you. You help students with all kinds of needs by breaking down information and concepts into manageable, bite-sized pieces.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone did the same for you? Wouldn’t it be grand for someone to understand which areas give you trouble, provide a solution to manage them, and then offer assistance as you learn the ropes?

For your students, problem areas can be anything from complicated calculus to concentration or study skills. For your staff, the challenge is managing all those students, subjects, and appointments.

Whether you’re providing diagnostic assessments, standardized test preparation at your offices, or in-home tutoring for students who concentrate better in a familiar environment, your clients count on you to provide personalized tutoring to help them succeed academically. As you grow in the quantity of services provided and students served, the need for accurate, easily accessible, and secure appointment scheduling also increases exponentially.

If you’re still managing your tutors’ and students’ schedules with outdated appointment scheduling methods, it may be time to look into online tutoring appointment scheduling software.

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How would you grade yourself in efficiency?

When a parent or student first comes to you for information on how you can help them, in most cases they will want an in-person or at least a phone meeting, to discuss goals, timelines, subject areas, and available tutors.

But after a student has met his or her tutor, and gotten used to the process, it doesn’t make sense to require them to call or email each time they want to schedule an appointment. Not only do they have to make time to call during your office hours (not easy for a student during school hours or a parent during work hours), but it requires a staff member who stays glued to the phone, manually processing appointment requires, changes, and cancellations.

For those who prefer to call in to speak to a staff member to schedule tutoring appointments, how are those appointments being recorded? In a paper appointment book, or in an email program’s calendar? Who notifies the tutor when they have a new appointment, or when one is cancelled? How do you track which tutors are working on which days? How do you reserve tutoring rooms or equipment, like projectors or laptops?

Your staff has enough on their plates, ensuring that you are recruiting the best tutors, and providing training on the latest tutoring techniques. And you, no doubt, prefer to spend your time reviewing the progress of your students, to make sure that you are meeting and exceeding their expectations for academic excellence.

One tool that can address all these questions and more is appointment scheduling software for tutors. Let’s examine how a web-based scheduling tool can help you increase efficiency and improve the level of service that you provide to your students.

How exactly does tutoring appointment scheduling work, anyway?

At AppointmentPlus, we’ve researched the tutoring industry and worked with many companies like yours to ensure that we’re providing the best in online scheduling at an affordable price. We understand your business, and know that you have specific needs related to tutoring scheduling.

Reduce the number of no-shows by up to 50%

One of the biggest costs of running a service-based business is wasted time. When you are offering a personalized service that requires trained professionals, each minute that they aren’t being utilized is money down the drain.

Online scheduling software sends automatic appointment confirmations and reminders to your students (and, if you wish, your tutors) via email and/or text to ensure that their appointments aren’t forgotten. You are able to personalize those messages with important information like the goal of the upcoming session, the room location where they’ll be meeting, or how to prepare in advance of their session.

Stay focused on the tasks that matter, not administrative duties

Your tutors were carefully selected for their expertise in their subjects, and their ability to teach, not for their prowess for scheduling appointments. Online scheduling software allows your students to self-register themselves in your system, select the tutor and the time slot they want, and confirm their appointment – all from their computer or mobile device.

Since most students are pretty tech-savvy, they will appreciate the ability to book right from your website or Facebook page, with a simple “Book Now” button that takes them right to the scheduling interface.

Take the functionality of tutoring appointment software even further, and allow your clients to pay online for their session, book recurring appointments, and purchase tutoring packages – all from the comfort of their home (or anywhere with an Internet connection). The opportunities to grow your business are unlimited with the right scheduling software provider.

Create a winning strategy for your company and your students with reports

Striving for excellence means taking stock of where you are, where you’ve been, and what you’ve learned. The best way to get an accurate picture of how your tutors and students are performing is through tracking their progress and studying that data.

With appointment scheduling software from AppointmentPlus, you have integrated, standardized reports that can provide information on the number of students, number of appointments, and even revenue generated by week, month, or year. To track a student’s progress, we can create customized report templates based on measurements that make sense for a particular subject or test. You can also enter notes for each appointment directly into the software, which is particularly useful for keeping consistent notes on students who use multiple tutors.

Is AppointmentPlus software right for me?

We are the first to admit, there is no one-size-fits-all solution that is right for every company out there. When you’re selecting a scheduling system for your tutoring company, consider the following factors:

  • Do my students or their parents want to book their own appointments at their convenience?
  • Is my staff wasting time on repetitive scheduling activities, such as making appointments or making reminder calls?
  • Is my company growing, and can my present system keep up with my increased customer base?
  • Do I need a more advanced solution to keep accurate records over time?
  • Does my management team need solid data to track the success of our students and the growth of our business?

If you’ve thought about these questions carefully and have concluded that you need a scheduling tool that can be easily implemented, yet customized to fit your particular business model, then take a look at our track record with tutoring companies.

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