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Whether you are guiding people through wineries, historical landmarks, or even haunted houses, AppointmentPlus® software can help you keep your tours fully booked

Tourism is serious business

Wine tours. Segway Tours. Adventure Tours. Party Bike Tours. Whether you’re showcasing the best dive bars in town or explaining the sleeping habits of manatees, you’ve got a huge responsibility on your hands – to deliver a few hours (or days) of non-stop action, fun, and excitement. Not only that, but your company’s tours have to be unique to set you apart from your competition.

And whoa, does tourism have some stiff competition! The old days of following a docent around a museum are long gone. Today’s tours are on segways, open top buses, bikes (even party bikes), and river boats. And the tour subjects are evolving too…pub crawls, ghost town tours, yoga bike tours, you name it.

Today’s customers want to be wowed. They want amazing views that they can share on Twitter and Instagram. They want a tour company that can cater to their tech-savvy clientele. Of course, you know the importance of maintaining a user-friendly experience for those who like to keep things a little more traditional.

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Is your tour company experiencing scheduling pains?

Scheduling snafus - like overbooking a tour, keeping a group waiting, or not having enough guides - can really get your customers upset. And letting a tour leave without being full means missed revenue opportunities.

Don’t forget the organizational aspect. Do I have enough name badges, bikes, snorkels, handouts, etc.? Did we schedule the stops correctly? Are the right tour guides here today? Did we get payments for scheduled tours and process refunds for cancellations?

If you’re starting your day without concrete answers to these questions, maybe the better question to ask should be: Is your current booking process working for you?

To keep business booming and customers satisfied, you need a system that can organize your tours from top to bottom. That includes scheduling, of course, as well incremental sales opportunities, post-tour follow up, and marketing.

Why online scheduling software for tours?

No doubt that you’ve already heard pitches from software companies that claim they can solve all your problems. “Try us,” they say, “and you’ll increase your customer base by 3000% and reduce overhead to only pennies a day!”

Sounds great, but do they really know what you need as a tour operator? At AppointmentPlus®, we know the business models and scheduling pains of all types of touring companies:

  • Adventure Tours
  • Air Tours (Helicopter/Private Planes)
  • Bike Tours
  • Boat Tours
  • Brewery Tours
  • College/Campus Tours
  • Food Tours
  • Historical Tours
  • Hot Air Balloon Rides
  • Home Tours
  • Jeep Tours
  • Nature Tours
  • Pub Crawls
  • Segway Tours
  • Water Tours (snorkeling tours, shark tours, lobster dives)
  • Winery Tours
  • Zip Line Tours
  • And more
  • Schedule like a boss

    Your customers might be having such a good time that they don’t realize it, but there’s a lot to coordinate for a tour. Do you need to check out specific equipment for your tours? Do you need to collect waivers for each participant? Do you have multiple guides that can lead different types of tours? Not only that, but your customers might have similar questions.

    • How many people will the tour hold?
    • Do we have room for more people?
    • How many stops will we make?
    • When will we arrive at and leave each location?

    AppointmentPlus software can help you manage all the aspects of tour scheduling, from attendee capacity to confirmation emails. Your tour guides will know exactly which tours they are scheduled to lead and how many attendees will be in each group, and they are notified immediately of any changes.

    Whether you allow your customers to book online, or prefer to use scheduling software internally, our software can keep all your customer and tour information organized and secure.

    By streamlining your current manual processes, you’ll have more time available to deliver amazing customer service, research new markets, and come up with new and game-changing ideas for your tours.

Let your customers direct their path

Your customers want options, so why not let them manage their own itineraries? Today’s tourist would much rather hop online to reserve a tour package instead of trying to hash out all their options over the phone.

Self-serve online booking allows your customers to have control over their tour experience. Customers can:

  • See your available tours at a glance, and select the dates and times that are most convenient for them
  • Take advantage of online reviews or word-of-mouth referrals to select the tour guide of their choice
  • Pay in advance for their tours, or redeem “daily deal” certificates
  • Change or cancel their reservation on their own

You’ll always have a few customers that will book their tours in person or on the phone, and with AppointmentPlus scheduling software, your staff can easily enter their information into the system for tracking and billing.

This isn’t our first time around the block

You’ve perfected your tour game because you know your town (or ocean or airspace). You know every detail of the restaurant, bar, landmark, and scenic view that you show off to your tour groups. So you need a software company that knows the tour industry, has experience with booking tours and tour guides, and can customize your online tour booking system based on the unique needs of your company.

Over 1,000 tour guides use our tour reservation software for their businesses. Over 20,000 tour reservations are booked each month using AppointmentPlus software, with companies like:

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