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When people need a break from the stresses of life, they come to your day spa for a relaxing massage, a toxin-expelling mask, or even a rockin’ new haircut to kick off a new outlook. But, as the owner of a day spa, what do you do when the thing causing you stress is your own schedule?

You give it a rejuvenating new look with AppointmentPlus® spa scheduling software!

AppointmentPlus has developed an easy-to-use, completely Internet-based software to help untangle your schedule and jumpstart the number of appointments you book by over 20%! With our software, you can:

  • Eliminate double bookings by giving your clients the ability to schedule appointments themselves 24/7. They can find the date they want, see if it’s open, and book right then. No need for flipping through pages and pages of an appointment book. Your hands are too pretty for paper cuts anyway.
  • Add "Book Now" buttons to your website, Facebook, or blog to allow for convenient access to your schedule wherever your clients need it. (There are 1.23 billion people on Facebook. Talk about expanding your reach!)
  • Sell and keep track of packages and gift certificates, directly in the system. There’s nothing like a spa day with your best friend, right? Get double the business with a single click!

For around $1 per day (less than the cost of a value meal at Mickey D’s) you can boost your bookings and invigorate your sales.

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Make no-shows no problem

There’s nothing quite like that sinking feeling of sitting down to eat a delicious dinner, glancing at your chipped, uneven nails, and suddenly realizing that the spa appointment you’d set months ago was, in fact, 3 hours ago, is there? Didn’t think so.

Accidents do happen, and appointments are forgotten, but when you run a day spa, you need all hands on deck, and the last thing you want is to see those hands empty. (You know what they say about idle hands, right?) With AppointmentPlus spa scheduling software, you can reduce no shows by up to 50%.

The software has the ability to send automated email reminders – or texts, for those of us who might as well have our phones surgically attached to our palms – in advance to make sure that the appointments you’ve made are the people you see.

Plus, by allowing customers to set their own schedule, you know that they are picking the date that’s best for them, and not just nodding absentmindedly and checking Twitter while you name off potential appointment times. Don’t shake your head. We’ve all done it.

By making no shows a thing of the past, you’re saving your business time, money, and a potential scheduling nightmare.

Reinvigorate your office

Want your business to run smoother than a well-oiled massage? With spa booking software, you can improve your staff’s efficiency, reduce errors, and get your focus away from the schedule and back to where it belongs – on your client.

By allowing your customers (and staff!) to book their own appointments, you can get out of the mud and back to the mudwraps. And, it’s simple to assign and schedule services to each staff member from inside the software, helping you have the right hands on deck at the right time, and potentially reducing staffing costs by 25%. Now that’s some retail therapy.

If you plan on expanding, relax! AppointmentPlus software is easily set up and synced between multiple locations, letting you hold all of your scheduling solutions in the palm of your hand.

We have saved the cost of an answering service.
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More features than Meryl Streep’s IMDb page

As a day spa, you offer the perfect, customized solutions to all of your clients' problems. Guess what? With 500 customizable preferences, our software does the same for you. And the Marketplace has more useful, in-house apps than you can imagine.

  • Expand your reach with easy integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Wordpress blogs.
  • Rejuvenate your communication efforts with e-marketing through MailChimp, Constant Contact, or iContact.
  • Run reports on daily, weekly, or monthly sales figures and keep track of marketing efforts.

And, because it’s the 21st century, everything is available and seamlessly synced across your smartphone, tablet, and computer platforms, making it easy to keep track of your schedule, wherever you are.

Give your schedule the VIP treatment

If you’re looking for the best way to streamline your spa’s schedule, increase appointments, and give your office some serious therapy, now’s your chance. Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Scheduling Software Experts to find out what AppointmentPlus software can do for your business.

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