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You’re gonna need a bigger boat

Small business owner. It takes a lot of strength, fight, and dedication to become one. Since you’ve built up your courage and stepped up to the plate, you’ve learned to take on the challenges, roll with the punches, and evolve to become a small-business-owning machine. You know you’ve got the heart that it takes to be successful, but do you have the right tools to help you get the job done?

That’s where we come in. AppointmentPlus offers a small business scheduling software system unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Why? Because we do a heck of a lot more than just scheduling. You know what that’s like since you probably wear a lot of hats, too. You’re a leader, an innovator, an entrepreneur, a financial wizard, and hard worker. Well, we’re an appointment booking software system, a revenue generator, a reporting system, a sales tracker, a CRM system, and a marketing tool, and an excellent time saver.

We know what you’re thinking. “Do I really need all that?” There are lots of ways to grow your business, and efficiency is absolutely one of them. As you search for ways to maximize your business’s productivity, reduce overhead, stay on budget, and make your life a whole lot easier, you’ll discover that streamlining is the way to go. After all, your goal is to grow your business, not get tangled up in outdated processes or clunky desktop software systems.

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We’ve made it our #1 priority to help you achieve that goal

Whether you own a small business with big dreams to open additional locations, or a medium business aiming for growth beyond your city limits, we’ve got solutions to get you there. Confidence in the small business industry is rising, and you should be a part of it! All you have to do is turn your sign from “Closed” to “Open” and watch the customers roll in. We’ll do the rest. Oh yeah, you’re definitely gonna need a bigger boat.

Earn some employee R-E-S-P-E-C-T with
small business scheduling software

You hire some pretty cool people, so odds are you probably want to be the cool boss, too. Well, get your sunglasses ready because you’re about to be too cool for school. How can scheduling software improve your staff relationships? Trust us - your employees will love the functionality of online scheduling for your small business.

Assign login usernames to each of your staff members and allow them to indicate their own availability and hours. Or, choose the hours they work yourself. The administrative controls are easily adjusted based on your preferences.

You can also make regular schedules, so if you have a “morning person,” you don’t need to manually map out their availability each week. When you make any appointment changes, they’ll receive email alerts about the update lickety-split —which is especially handy when you have to do some last-minute rearranging.

So, what if someone calls in sick? Or how will you survive when your employees go on vacation? You can quickly find another qualified employee to step in by searching for availability or skillset, even when that means moving a worker to cover a shift at another location.

Want to keep your already-strapped budget from busting? Keep track of how many hours each employee has worked so you never end up being a victim of overtime traps. You can easily do this through our robust reporting module. Or if you need tighter controls, download our time clock plug-in.

Want to cut down on any tardiness? Print out a copy of your staffing calendar and place it in break rooms. No more excuses! Okay… that last part might not make you a “cool boss,” but hey, we still think you’re pretty neat.

So, let’s see here…

  • Reduced employee no-shows
  • Less accidental overtime
  • Quick schedule alerts for last-minute changes
  • A cool time clock plug-in

Oh yeah, you’re on to something, boss.

Outstanding customer service
that’s easy as pie

You know there are two major components to keeping your business running like a well-oiled machine: your employees and your customers. Without a well-trained, knowledgeable staff, you can’t provide your customers with fantastic products or services, and without customers… well, you can’t do much of anything at all! It may be easy to think you should sink money into marketing or advertising. At the end of the day, however, your success increases with good customer relationships. So get a small business booking software system that’s built to develop those one-on-one bonds. Your bottom line will thank you.

You already know how to handle your workforce. So how can you keep your customers in appointment heaven, too? Well, let’s face it – everyone’s plugged in these days. Whether we’re getting in one last email before our planes depart or we’re strategically moving our couches closer to outlets so our laptops don’t die, we love to live online. So giving your clients a way to book your services online is a no-brainer.

AppointmentPlus® online scheduling software is tailor-made to fit our modern, tech-savvy lifestyles. Your customers can book you for services or consultations effortlessly and at whatever time is best for them. Just like a great convenience store, you’re open for business 24/7.

While we’re on the subject of convenience, your customers will love our booking calendar’s interface. You pick the hours you’re available, and they show up auto-magically to your customers. Once a client selects an appointment time, the selected time becomes inaccessible to other clients. Unless, of course, you’d like to offer multiple openings in one time slot. We can handle that, too! No confusion, no frustrated phone calls, and no overbooking. Genius.

Even if your small or medium business doesn’t offer services that require customer bookings, you’ll still find that AppointmentPlus software has far more usability than just employee scheduling alone. You may need to book sales calls or meetings with potential partners to keep your business growing. Keep track of all your meetings in our scheduling software system so you never forget. No more need to tie a string around your finger to remember! That look was never very fashionable anyway.

So, alright, you’ve read all the features for employees and customers. But now you’re wondering, how does our software stack up in real life? Tell ‘em, Maura!

My clients love the ability to make online appointments and purchase gift certificates any time or day of the week. They don't need to call. I love how it also sends automatic appointment reminders. The program alerts me when someone makes or changes an appointment or makes a purchase. This is such a time saver as a single-owner business. I can spend more time with my clients and not on the phone.
Maura KellerOwner, Serenity at Cherokee Rose

Spoken like a true scheduling aficionado!

Reporting solutions come baked right into the online scheduler

If you weren’t before, you might have become a big fan of numbers when you started your business. Number of employees, number of sales, number of business locations, number of dollar bills in the bank. We’re pretty left-brained ourselves—a little geeky, even. Hey, we’ll admit it. We’d just as soon kiss a Wookiee than give up our commitment to intelligence.

That’s why we built a reporting system that’ll knock that pocket protector right out of your button-up. Check out a few of the comprehensive reports you can build in AppointmentPlus scheduling software:

  • Staffing costs
  • Customer loyalty
  • Appointment volume
  • Gift certificate sales and coupon code usage
  • Daily transactions

If these aren’t the reports you’re looking for, build one that answers whatever questions you might dream up. And if you’re not sure what kind of report you should be building, just ask us. We’ll push up our nerd glasses, strap on some suspenders, and help you get the answers you need to help your SMB grow.

And even if you’re not a numbers person, don’t you worry. Our reports are as easy on the eyes as they are to understand.

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