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Expand your salon business with an online appointment scheduling software system

Foster deep roots with your clients

Becoming a salon owner was just the beginning.

You’ve worked hard to rake in the business for your salon by recruiting the right staff and picking the perfect locations. But to keep your business growing, you’re going to need a lot more than scissors and hair dye. You’ll also need the support system to get you there.

To keep your clients coming back for more, let them book online through a sleek, robust salon appointment scheduling software system. With a seamless system in place, it will be cinch for your clients to get that last-minute blow-out or book that overdue girls’ night mani-pedi.

With appointment scheduling software, you and your team of stylists can enjoy a number of benefits, including a decrease in no-show clients with our handy email and text reminders. And, because clients can book appointments at their own convenience, you can expect an increase in bookings.

With the time you save manually booking appointments, you will be able to create those deep (perfectly dyed) roots with your clientele and your stylists. Plus, think of all the undeniably juicy salon gossip you won’t miss out on!

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Wash that hassle right out of your hair

As a salon owner, you have a myriad of issues to resolve on a daily basis, and that can certainly be overwhelming. Between maintaining a rockstar team of stylists, cross-selling your product line, and keeping the nail polish stocked with the latest trends, you may feel faint – and not from the ammonia. You’ve got a lot on your hands.

Your booking schedule is one more item on your list of must-dos, but it doesn’t have to be. With a reliable online salon appointment scheduling system in place, you can cross one more thing off your list and get back to growing your business. After all, you’re an artist and an entrepreneur. You shouldn’t have to be a booking agent, too!

So, that’s where we step in. AppointmentPlus® software does more than just look pretty (but yes, it does that, too). It works hard to keep your business bustling by helping you:

Keep the salon stations full

Nothing is worse than an empty station! By allowing you to see all of your employee’s appointment schedules, you’ll have greater flexibility to handle walk-ins, no-shows, and last-minute bookings.

Stay connected everywhere

Coordinating staff and clients is a time-consuming job. Sometimes you can’t always be in the salon to keep a watchful eye, especially when you’re managing multiple locations. With Apple® and Android™ apps, you can manage your business on the go.

Get clients back for that root touch-up with recurring appointments

It’s simple to set up recurring appointments for your clients with our system. So, whether your clients need a little touch-up to manage that grey or they want to keep their nails looking perfect, our software will keep them coming back.

Empower your stylists and nail technicians

Allow your employees to effectively and efficiently manage their own schedules. With helpful administrative controls, you can offer your employees varying levels of access to suit your needs and theirs.

Our salon appointment software suits a variety of needs for salon and barbershop owners. But don’t just take our word for it.

With the AppointmentPlus system, our clients can have full control over their appointments any time of the day. Our phone rings less, which means less payroll for a receptionist. Our clients love it since they have busy schedules. We have had AppointmentPlus software for five-and-a-half years.
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Guessing just doesn’t cut it

The salon and spa industry is a strong one, with exciting projections for steady job growth. As a passionate business owner, you spend most of your time thinking about ways to improve your game to stay competitive in a healthy, growing industry. With all of your experience over the years, you’ve gotten a good feel for those high traffic times, low volume days, and busy seasons. But now you’re itching for more.

To expand your salon business, you want the facts and figures that will help you get richer, fuller understanding of how you and your team are performing. There’s little doubt that the benefits of big data are countless.

AppointmentPlus salon software captures an array of data that you can use to evaluate the strength of your business.

We can help you answer all kinds of questions:

How much money did my salon business earn today?

Running reports is a snap with our sophisticated salon reporting system. Get your daily sales figures quickly and easily, so you can monitor the types of services sold and how much product flew off the shelves.

How busy was my salon this week?

We can show you exactly how many salon appointments were booked and paid for. We can also show you how many clients turned up as no-shows, as well as how each of your team members performed in bringing in bookings. The AppointmentPlus online salon scheduling system can even show how all of your businesses are performing as you expand across town. Keep that competition fierce!

Did my marketing campaign result in repeat business?

To reel in the customers, you undoubtedly need a comprehensive marketing plan. Our salon appointment scheduling software can help you monitor your marketing efforts with helpful charts and downloadable reports, as well as third-party plug-in capability.

Multifunctional software with third-party
plug-ins? Nailed it!

You’re multidimensional, so shouldn’t your salon appointment software be too? Our Marketplace boasts a variety of unique plug-ins that allows AppointmentPlus software to grow with you as your salon business needs change. Some of our most popular plug-ins include:

  • Repeat customer alerts
  • Gift certificates
  • VerticalResponse
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • MailChimp

How can I get started with online
salon scheduling?

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