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Meeting mania

Meetings have always been a mainstay for businesses and organizations. Getting people together is important for solving problems and carrying out strategy. Whether it’s a meeting of colleagues, partners, prospects, members, or friends, meetings are here to stay. In fact, each day, workers in the United States attend about 11 million meetings. Clearly, meetings play an important role in our lives.

But you knew that already.

And successfully managing meeting space is an intricate balancing act. Juggling different rooms, different times, and different groups can be time-consuming. Even the most meticulous person may find it challenging to keep track of it all. It may make sense to add a new member to your team that will be sure to increase productivity and efficiency.

That new teammate is room scheduling software from AppointmentPlus.

AppointmentPlus allows individuals or groups to sign up for meeting space with ease and lets meeting attendees know where they are going. AppointmentPlus’ comprehensive room scheduling software will free your staff from answering the phones and booking rooms. With AppointmentPlus, booking a room is simple, and keeping attendees informed can be done with a click of a button. Our robust software can also easily manage special requests like audio/visual equipment, food and beverage service, and room configurations, ensuring that your attendees have everything they need for a successful meeting.

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Crowd control

Providing space for people to pow-wow is hard work. Managing different rooms, different schedules, and all of the stress that inevitably comes with so many details can really add up. Without a way to properly manage it, these factors can reduce productivity and meeting attendee satisfaction.

This doesn’t have to be the case. With our room reservation software, your staff can concentrate on providing a seamless experience for the attendees and ensure they get everything they want out of reserving a room with or in your organization.

Book ‘em Danno

Sometimes, people just prefer to do things themselves. Vastly improve productivity and efficiency by letting groups and individuals book their own meeting spaces with room scheduling software. By seeing what’s available at a glance, potential room bookers can easily reserve the spot that’s right for them. They will automatically receive confirmation that their request has been filled, and can rest easy knowing that the space they wanted will be ready when they arrive. And, since every aspect of the reservation is handled online, your staff will be free to focus on more important tasks.

Conflict management 101

For a meeting room coordinator, there’s nothing more frustrating than a double-booked space. The meeting leader is frustrated because the room they thought they reserved is not available, and not only must they figure out an alternative on the spot, it looks like they weren't prepared. Let’s not even mention the awkwardness when the other double-booked party has to defend their perch. This can all be avoided by using room booking software

Multiple rooms? Multiple locations? No problem.

Room booking software makes it easy to manage multiple rooms in multiple locations. Not only are you able to access your room, attendee, and staff profiles from a centralized control panel, you can manage it all remotely via mobile devices. While appointment bookings and reminders can be automated, we realize that sometimes you’ll be out of the office and need to access your data. What better way to field inquiries than with all that information at your fingertips?

AppointmentPlus understands the diverse and unique issues that come along with room scheduling. From conference rooms at your company, to libraries and hospitals, to colleges and day care centers, we help you get multiple people into multiple spaces seamlessly.

Suite success

Making it easy to reserve a meeting room online and providing attendees with reservation reminders results in "suite" success. (Couldn't resist.) This combination of ease and convenience is great for your bottom line.

AppointmentPlus room booking software can help you accomplish the following:

Keep ‘em happy

How do you decrease no-shows for your room booking? With automated email and text reminders. Some of our clients have reported up to a 50% decrease in no-shows. People love being able to “set it and forget it,” which is exactly what happens when they reserve meeting space through our online room reservation software. What’s the secret to keeping people happy? Make their lives less complicated. By allowing them to book the space they want online, you make the room reservation process convenient from start to finish.

Room for improvement

It’s important to know what’s popular. What room types are booked the most? Is it a single cubicle or group study rooms in your library? A multi-room conference space or the boardroom? Our room reservation software makes it easy to pinpoint what your attendees are looking for, which goes a long way in planning. You’re able to use these trends to figure out which spaces to promote or even renovate. These metrics and figures keep you armed and ready to make smart business decisions.

Rooms have schedules, too!

Calendars are not just for people anymore. AppointmentPlus provides the ability to handle simple or complex room scheduling. Need to block out a room for an entire day? No problem. Need to extend the hours for a particular room? Done. Need to give a room a different schedule for a period of time. You got it. Need to restrict what types of meetings can occur in which rooms? Yep.

Give ‘em room to maneuver

If you’re a busy professional, a hard working student, or the leader of your PTA, the last thing you want is trouble when trying to find a place to meet. What if you could make your colleagues' hectic lives a bit easier, a bit more structured, and a lot more productive? You can give the gift of convenience to your guests when their reservation experience is executed flawlessly. And when they are wowed, you’ll want them to share. Make it easy for them with full integration to social media. As with everything these days, you are only as good as your last review, and there is definite power in testimonials. People are more apt to use a business that has been recommended by people they trust.

How can I get started with online
room scheduling?

We make it just as easy for you to get started with online room appointment booking as we make it for your meeting attendees to book a room. But, much like how customers will oftentimes want to see a space before they decide, you probably want to try out our product before committing.

Here’s how you can see AppointmentPlus in action:

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