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In today’s connected world, everything is on display. But, even in a world where everyone has a camera in their pockets, professional portraits are still a huge part of our lives. You, of course, already know this. In running your own business or managing a photography department, you’ve made all the right choices: the finest equipment, the most talented staff, and the perfect location. But to keep you clicking and shooting for years to come, you will need more than just a great eye.

You will need something that can help you grow your business while maximizing your time and talent - you will need a great photography scheduling software system.

To keep smiling clients in front of your lens, invite them to book their appointments through a robust yet user-friendly photographer appointment booking system. By allowing your customers to book themselves, it’ll be easy for them to get professional portraits in a snap.

Focus your time and talents on your subjects, and not on setting, changing, and canceling appointments. Let your customers do that. It saves you and your staff time and allows you to focus on building your business.

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since 2004

Over 1,000,000 appointments and 1,000 locations

Lifetouch provides professional portraits for schools, houses of worship, retail, and private studios.

Crop out everyday nuisances with a photography scheduler system

As a creative professional, your efforts are best focused on producing quality work that pleases your customer. This means shooting captivating portraits instead of coordinating appointments and worrying about staff schedules. For your business to develop and for you to capture the widest audience, you need to be available to do what you do best.

Maintaining a calendar of appointments and managing a staff are crucial to your portrait business but should only be a snapshot of your day. With robust photography scheduling software from AppointmentPlus, you'll:

Put your clients in control

Whether booking a senior photo, a family sitting, or a child or pet photo, clients will love the ability to book online. They’ll also appreciate the email and text reminders they’ll receive before their appointments. And those reminders not only serve as a courtesy service to your clients, they are proven to reduce no-shows by up to 50 percent.

Give them options

People like options. Our photography scheduling software not only allows your customers to choose a date and time that suits their needs but also lets them select the type of sitting they desire. And, if it makes sense for your business, you could even allow clients to select their favorite photographer. Plus, the customizable payment processing option gives your clients the ability to pay ahead of time when they book. You can even allow purchasing of gift certificates online if you like.

Even large photo studies like Lifetouch, the largest employee-owned photography company in the world, have benefitted from our photography scheduling software. Lifetouch provides professional portraits for a variety of clients including schools, houses of worship, retail and private studios. Since starting with AppointmentPlus in 2004, Lifetouch has scheduled over one-million appointments using our scheduling system. Their over one-thousand studios use this software daily at locations across the Untitled States and Canada.

Photographers have creative freedom

Allow your employees to effectively and efficiently manage their own schedules from their laptops, tablets or smart phones. This gives them the flexibility they crave and the ability to channel their creative genius into quality work for your customers, and not into worrying about their calendars. Plus, with helpful administrative controls, you can set up varying levels of access to suit your needs and theirs.

Do you have multiple locations or do on-site photography? No problem. You and your staff can easily manage calendars for multiple sites.

Photographer scheduling software lets you see what you’re workin’ with

You became a photographer to embrace the world around you and to capture amazing shots of your subjects, not to fumble with numbers and figures. But the truth of the matter is that it’s imperative as a business owner or department manager that you know and understand all that’s going on with your studio.

We can make that easy by giving you an at-a-glance look at the numbers that mean the most to you. With an easy-to-use and understandable format, our software can help provide you with the information that can tell you how well your
business is doing.

We can help you answer
the important questions:

How much money did we earn?

One of the pictures that matters the most is the picture of your bottom line. With our software, running reports to compute that bottom line is simple and easy. Get daily, weekly, and monthly sales figures in a click and flash and know immediately how your business is doing.

How busy were we this week?

We can show you exactly how many shoots were booked and paid for along with a look at how many clients were no-shows and how many canceled. We can also help you gauge the efficiency of your photographers. All of this information can help you make more informed decisions about your business.

What’s popular?

Through our software, you will be able to easily ascertain your most popular packages and most sought after services. Headshots? Family photos? Pet portraits? You can easily track and market accordingly. Additionally, you can find out which photographers get the most traffic and the ones that keep customers coming back.

Hundreds of photography businesses use our software to schedule full day engagements or short photo sessions, event consultations, wedding and engagement photos, senior portraits, proof ordering, and other services.

Picture-perfect marketing

A satisfied customer is one that will vouch for your amazing portraits. Use our software to leverage that loyalty through social media integration and targeted email marketing. AppointmentPlus software integrates with Facebook and Twitter to help manage your social media. And, to help with email marketing, we interface with Constant Contact, MailChimp and other email marketing systems.

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