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Being a successful personal trainer takes dedication, endurance, and strength of mind. While you’re conditioning your clients, you’re also finding smart ways to improve your business performance. Doing so requires problem-solving, motivation, and a heck of a lot of discipline.

Improve your performance with personal training software from AppointmentPlus® software. Track your client appointments, measure sales numbers, assess your best leads, and develop your marketing and retention strategy in one convenient place.

Built for personal trainers with growing businesses, AppointmentPlus software allows your staff to focus on training clients—and not so much on setting, changing, and cancelling appointments.

Who really wants to do that stuff, anyway?

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Features that benefit you and your clients

Offer 24/7 online scheduling

Clients will appreciate the ability to cancel, reschedule, and view their appointment history online at any time.

Sell and set up training packages

Easily set up and maintain training packages. You can even allow clients to purchase fitness packages online if you like.

Process payments

Quickly and easily process sales transactions through our integrated POS module. And, run customizable daily, weekly, and monthly sales reports.

Schedule for classes and camps

Do you offer one-time or multi-session boot camps or workshops? Let your clients book online for these, too!

Automatically send reminders

The system automatically sends your clients email and text appointment reminders. These have been shown to decrease no-show rates by up to 50%.

With AppointmentPlus software, you have access to a solid set of features, with the availability to upgrade if you need even more options. Check out our features list to see the all the ways we can help your business grow.

Take a walk in a prospect’s gym shoes

Alright, we admit it. All of the above sounds nice and dandy, but you’re probably really wondering if AppointmentPlus software can actually carry its own weight. Let’s imagine a walk in a prospect’s gym shoes.

Jason is a typical 30-something who is out of shape. He knows that most people don’t get enough exercise, and he’s tired of being a statistic. Jason’s friend tells him about a really great personal training studio near his apartment, so he decides to do some hunting online to get some more information. During his search, he comes across the personal training company’s website. After reading about the studio’s focus on making health and fitness a lifestyle and not a quick fix, he decides he wants to set up a consultation.

On the website, he sees a prominent “Book Now” button. He clicks it and is surprised to find a calendar that allows him to set an appointment for an initial consultation. He double-checks his availability and books a convenient appointment time.

The day before his appointment, he receives a text reminder. “Hey, this is pretty cool,” he thinks. And, on his appointment day, he heads into the gym to find out if this training business is as impressive as it seemed online. His initial consultation goes extremely well, and he’s excited to get started. He decides to take the plunge and purchases a three-month package of three sessions per week.

After a few months, Jason is in the best shape of his life, and he’s ready to get his family and friends in on it, too. Through the online scheduling system, he buys some gift certificates, which are automatically emailed to his favorite people. The cycle continues!

Our software can make all that happen and more with easy 24/7 online booking, packages functionality, email and text message reminders, recurring appointment setup, and gift certificates.

Don’t worry—we’ll spot you

You know all the modern fitness techniques, and you use all the latest equipment. You are intent on growing your personal training business. That said, you need to make smart decisions in order to increase your efficiency and ROI. That’s why we developed a powerful personal training scheduling software system, to make sure you have the data and scalability you need to take your business to the next level.

Are your trainers always on the go? Probably so. On any given day, your fitness instructors may visit clients in their homes, stop by a business office to run a boot camp, or hold evening classes at a local gym. And, you, as the personal training business owner or manager, are bouncing around recruiting new instructors, talking to clients and prospects, managing your team, and trying to grow your business. Wouldn’t it be great to have a booking software system that could keep up?

Well, we’re mobile, just like you and your team. Our system comes with Apple® and Android™ apps that are free and simple to download, whether you use a smart phone or tablet. They deliver the key functionality that you need to quickly monitor the appointment schedules for all of your staff and locations.

Also, our sophisticated reporting function gives you the control to see daily transaction figures; check out your number of appointments per day, week, or month; and make more accurate revenue projections. Plus, it’s easy to use and very flexible.

Do you send out an electronic newsletter or promotional emails? If so, you can easily integrate your email marketing system in a flash if you’re using Constant Contact, MailChimp, iContact, or Vertical Response.

I use independent contractors as my trainers in my boutique gym. AppointmentPlus software allows them to see their schedule from home or on the road where they can get web access. It also provides reminder emails for client appointments and a welcome email to new clients, which makes them feel good about their decision to join us.
OwnerDesert Fitness Group

Solving tough problems

Your business brings with it a host of unique issues that you’ve got to work out. How can a personal trainer scheduling software system help address those issues? Let’s take a look at some challenges you might be experiencing and how AppointmentPlus can help you give them the boot:

How do I schedule for both individual and group fitness sessions?

Not a problem. You can book multiple clients in the same time frame with ease. Or, limit your hours to one person per scheduling block, and give that client a little one-on-one time.

How do I simplify client billing?

Simplify your billing process with our point of sale (POS) module. It’s customizable enough to let you keep your sales data in one place, as well letting you process sales transactions for packages and gift certificates. You can also set up discounts for your marketing and promotion needs.

How can I keep my clients coming back?

Stop by our Marketplace and check out our Repeat Customer Reminder plug-in. There’s no better workout motivation than helpful reminders for those clients who might be enjoying their couches a little too much!

How can I up my marketing game?

We get you. We offer seamless integration with many email marketing clients, as well as hookups to Twitter and Facebook. Your social media campaigns have never looked so good.

No matter what your unique situation is, we’re there to help. With a well-staffed and knowledgeable support team, we’ve got an answer to all of your questions.

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