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Use appointment scheduling software to streamline your operations for military personnel

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Accurate. Efficient. Strategic. These characteristics are desired by all organizations, particularly the United States Armed Forces.

And with good reason. With over 1.4 million active personnel, the United States military has countless logistical operations to coordinate. Meeting the scheduling needs of your current personnel, not to mention recruits, veterans, and military spouses, is a monumental task. Thankfully, the days of keeping track of everything with paper and pencil are over. With military scheduling software, managing appointments and inventory is smooth and efficient. Just like you want your post to be.

Does your military post, training center, or logistics division need to improve your scheduling and customer service processes? AppointmentPlus® scheduling software has already helped military operations reduce workload by 35% and save up to 40 hours per week. That’s because we don’t just handle appointments.

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AppointmentPlus specializes in eliminating time-wasting activities and improving processes for high-volume operations. Our online military appointment scheduling software provides a wide range of solutions, including:

  • Medical treatment facilities
  • Community service initiatives
  • Personal property operations
  • Childcare centers
  • Recruitment offices
  • Veterans Affairs administration
  • Training and certification classes
  • Housing solutions

Whether you are working with active or former personnel, or those who want to show appreciation for their service, you need a system to help you schedule, track, and report on those activities.

When you’ve got a parent in your office trying to find a space in your military base childcare center, or a new recruit wanting to know when the next available vision test appointment is, you want to make sure you have all the information you need, ready to go.

The right tool for the job

As if there were any doubt, Enlisted Military Personnel tops the list of the most stressful jobs in the U.S.. So any time your office can reduce stress on your staff and the people you serve, while saving time and improving your processes, it’s worth a look.

How can online appointment booking software save you time and increase productivity? The possibilities are endless, but let’s start with a few that should grab your attention.

Eliminate pen-and-paper appointment books

Does this sound familiar? You’re sitting at your desk at the base housing office or childcare center, and someone calls and asks to meet with an advisor. Do you start by looking in an old-school appointment book, and trying to read through the erased and scratched out notes to see who is available?

In a world where information can be pulled up with a few keystrokes, there’s no need to continue to use a manual system to plan your staff’s daily appointments. With AppointmentPlus software, you can create, update, and cancel appointments online. Easily set your staff’s available booking windows, customize time slots, and allow multiple appointments in a single time slot. Then, with just a few mouse clicks, you’ll be able to pull up your entire staff’s appointment schedule in a daily, weekly, or monthly view.

House all your customer information online

Your “customer” might be an enlisted service member, a civilian employee, a military spouse, a veteran, or a recruit. But they all have contact information, status or rank, appointment history, and notes you want to keep track of. With online military scheduling software, you can customize your database with the information you need, making it easy to run reports and view specific areas of interest.

Easily schedule meetings and training classes

Does your department organize meetings and training classes? AppointmentPlus software makes it easy for you to reserve meeting rooms and A/V equipment so you always have the space and tools you need for your meeting. With a simple “Book Now” button that can be placed on your website, you can let attendees secure their spot in a training class or event. You can limit the number of available spaces for a particular class and even process payments at the time of booking.

Reduce no-shows by sending reminders automatically

Your time is valuable, and the last thing you need is to be stood up without any prior notice. Sometimes people forget their appointments or don’t remember where they were supposed to go. With AppointmentPlus software, you can set up email and text message reminders to keep people accountable. And if your customer has a conflict and can’t make it, you can allow them to change or cancel their appointment online, making room for someone else who would like to grab their spot.

Secure military scheduling solutions for a global operation

Personal data security is a huge concern for any high-traffic operation. Security breaches can wreak havoc on any organization, particularly on a military base. The Target card-reading debacle highlighted just how quickly people can be affected by a security breach.

We understand that your job involves highly sensitive information, and security is a top priority for you. It’s a top priority for us, too. Because of this, AppointmentPlus utilizes the latest in information technology to keep your data safe. We have practices in place to back up all your customer information, which is securely stored in our data hosting centers.

Are you concerned that staff might have access to data that they are not cleared for? Don’t be. With AppointmentPlus software, you can:

  • Assign security levels to staff profiles
  • Ensure staff members have visibility only to data they are cleared for
  • Set or restrict the available services for staff members
  • Override schedules, as needed

The AppointmentPlus interface is highly customizable and flexible enough to meet all your facility’s needs for secure, reliable, easily accessible appointment scheduling software.

The AppointmentPlus difference

If it sounds too good to be true, it has to be, right? Not with AppointmentPlus. True, there might be other companies out there who promise the world and fail to deliver. But what makes AppointmentPlus different is that we have experience and satisfied clients on our side.

You might be interested to know that the United States Coast Guard is one of our success stories. The USCG Maritime Center uses our software to maintain their mariner database and scheduling platform across 18 locations.

In addition to the U.S. Coast Guard, Army, and Air Force, we have helped thousands of organizations to streamline their appointment booking process and reduce the time spend on maintaining customer records.

How satisfied are those who use AppointmentPlus software? Here is a testimonial from a client in law enforcement:

We have over 1,100 police officers we schedule for firearms
qualification, in service training, and advanced training. We needed a
system that could manage all scheduling and generate the necessary
reports for our department and the department of public safety.
Fowler JohnstonAlbuquerque Police Department Academy

We’ve got your 6

Can you imagine being on a mission and suddenly discovering that your navigation system was on the fritz? Being able to depend on your equipment is imperative in the field. You should be able to depend on your equipment in the office as well. At AppointmentPlus, we understand the special needs of your operations, and we can help you improve your service to those who depend on you.

Call us today for a complimentary consultation about our online military appointment scheduling software. Let us show you how we can help your office become leaner and meaner in its operations. We can analyze your current processes and recommend ways to customize the software to give you exactly the appointment booking and reporting functionality that you need.

Flexible. Reliable. Effective. That’s the AppointmentPlus way.

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