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Your patients. They’re the ones who inspire the passion you have for providing exceptional medical care. They rely on you to provide the best possible service that you can, and it’s likely a responsibility you don’t take lightly.

But are there areas where you feel like something is missing? With a medical appointment scheduling software system, you can make extraordinary process improvements that will advance the efficiency of your staff and provide your patients with outstanding customer service, all in a safe, secure web-based environment.

Our appointment software is used to book over 100,000 medical appointments each month, from large medical facilities to smaller private practices. We understand the unique needs of each medical office, clinic, diagnostic lab, and hospital. In addition, we’ve designed our software system to work seamlessly for diverse medical fields such as dentistry, women’s health, podiatry, optometry, dermatology, cardiology, and many more.

My patients like the convenience of making their own appointments. They also appreciate the email reminder message that comes to them two days before their appointment. As an administrator, I appreciate the email notification I receive when a patient has registered.
Brenda WittProactive Health Solutions, LLC

A medical scheduling software system that knows
your patients

Your entire work life revolves around understanding your patients’ various needs. You listen to their aches and pains, hear their concerns about treatments, and give them follow-up calls to make sure they’re feeling better. It’s safe to say that with all this TLC, you really get your patients.

Our medical appointment scheduling software is tailor-made to understand your patients, just like you. We have an array of benefits created specifically to enhance your patients’ experiences:

Give your patients control with 24/7 online medical appointment scheduling

When patients can book online, you give them the freedom to choose dates and times that work for them—and for you! Your patients will love the convenience, and so will the staff.

Email and text reminders reduce no-shows and keep patients in the loop

Get automatically generated email and text reminders sent to your patients with upcoming appointments. So whether they stop in for a yearly check-up or for a weekly rehabilitation session, your patients will be less likely to miss valuable one-on-one time with their doctor or specialist.

Better reporting makes for better patient health assessments

Take unlimited notes about each of your patients, so that no information ever gets lost over time. With our secure, HIPAA-ready software system, we guarantee that the information you store with us will be safe and protected.

Doctors, staff, residents, interns, and
volunteers will all rejoice

The staff at your medical facility work tirelessly to help others. Whether that means working long nights or double shifts, they take pride in their work. Their amazing sacrifices are what make our medical community strong. But do you worry that they may be overworked? When you invest in a medical appointment scheduler, you give the medical staff even more reasons to smile by making their jobs just a little bit easier.

What kind of reasons? Here are just a few:

Free up staff to do more than just scheduling

With an online scheduling software system, your patients can schedule appointments on their own time, so your staff can spend more time on other important projects.

Keep patient schedules clean and organized

No more paper calendars for the crew! That means no more flipping between calendars, no more wasted time searching through handwritten notes, and no more big, pink erasers. You can also give staff access to their schedules, so they can see what the day has in store.

Coordinate more than patient appointments

AppointmentPlus® software can schedule a lot more than just patient appointments. Staff can schedule individual rooms for biometric and health screenings, X-rays, and much more. No more worries about double-booking your medical office rooms! Have mobile medical units? You can book those, too, for blood drives and flu shots.

Reduce the time staff spends on the phone

We’ve already mentioned how email and text reminders are great for your patients, but they’re also ideal for the staff. Since staff will no longer need to spend precious time calling patients with gentle reminders of upcoming appointments, they can devote their energy to other equally important tasks.

We know, we know. It sounds too good to be true, but it really works. According to Clifton Uckerman at the Cancer Wellness House, “We have seen a reduction in staff time by at least 35% by using AppointmentPlus software vs. other tools like Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets.” That’s time your staff really can use, and isn’t that worth the investment?

We never bypass a chance for innovation

The medical industry is driven by innovation and ground-breaking advancements. You and your colleagues do what you can to stay on top of your game, from diagnostics, to lab work, to therapy, and even hair restoration. It doesn’t matter what your focus is – you’re going to do what you can to be the cream of the crop.

In developing the AppointmentPlus software system for doctors and other medical providers, we’ve set our own sights on excellence. We’ve discovered that the best way to innovate is to continue to develop our product for our clients.

We know there are a lot of options for medical appointment schedulers. So what sets us apart?

Easy connection with third-party apps

Our Marketplace contains useful third-party apps your medical facility can take advantage of. We offer support for Microsoft® Excel® and calendar exporting for Microsoft Outlook®, Apple iCal®, and Google CalendarTM. Expect far fewer missed meetings, consultations and appointments!

Handy integration with email marketing tools

Do you want to run a promotion or special? Discounts for services like hair restoration, cosmetic surgery, or weight loss options? You can effortlessly use our medical scheduling software to help you target your patients and new prospects for additional services. Plus, with our detailed reporting functions, you and your team will immediately see the results of your campaigns. You can even offer gift certificates for those patients who can’t wait to share how much they love your services with their friends and family.

Software that goes with you anywhere

We’ve developed Android™ and iPhone® mobile applications that give you the flexibility to access your medical appointment system from anywhere at anytime. Taking a break in the cafeteria? We’re there. Need to check in from your office? We’re there. On vacation but want to see how things are going back at the clinic? Oh yeah, we’re there too.

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