Scheduling for Massage Therapists

“My clients have been VERY impressed with the service, telling me that I’m "on the cutting edge". It saves me time, and makes me money every day.”

Kathy Flippin
Dynamic Touch Massage Therapy

Massage Office Software Benefits

Appointment-Plus understands the unique scheduling needs of massage therapists and is currently being used to book over 200,000 massage appointments each month. Many massage therapy offices like Body Kneads in Providence, RI, trust Appointment-Plus to schedule a variety of massage treatments, including deep tissue, hot stone, cranial sacral, pregnancy massages and many more.

Learn how one massage service saves between $2 and $5 per transaction by clicking on Massage Therapist Case Study.

Efficient Appointment Scheduling Technology

Appointment-Plus can not only help your office become more efficient, but also frees up you and your staff to conduct more important tasks. You receive instant appointment notifications, your schedules are always current, and there is never overbooking, no scheduling mistakes and fewer phone calls.

Internal Scheduling and Client Self-Scheduling (Optional)

Appointment-Plus offers you the flexibility to manage your appointment scheduling internally or allow for client self-scheduling. Imagine if your clients could visit your Website, check out your availability, and schedule an appointment for the day and time convenient for them with just a couple of clicks.

Adaptable for Single or Multiple Therapist Offices

Appointment-Plus works well if you are one-person office or if you have multiple locations and many providers. Because it works through the Internet, you don't have to worry about the expensive and troublesome issue of trying to network all of your computers.

Client Profile

Karmassage in Austin, Texas, specializes in deep tissue massage therapy delivered with a compassionate touch. They address the body with regard to structural alignment and posture, fascial restrictions, range of motion and lifestyle habits.

"We use Appointment-Plus to schedule massage appointments while eliminating phone tag. We also use it to keep track of income and massage packages. I can't imagine ever running our massage practice without it. It's the best thing we have done for our business."
- Karmassage