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Grow your massage business with online scheduling

Over 1,000 massage therapists estimate a 20% increase in new business with Appointment-Plus online scheduling.

To stay on top in this competitive industry, massage therapists must focus on increasing referrals and repeat clients. Those who succeed make it easy for prospects to purchase sessions and packages.

For around $1 per day, you can streamline the appointment scheduling process.

Appointment-Plus can help you:

Why Choose Massage Therapy Scheduling Software

200,000 massage appointments are booked each month using Appointment-Plus online scheduling software. We understand the unique scheduling needs of massage therapists.

Massage therapy offices like Body Kneads in Providence, RI, trust Appointment-Plus to schedule massage treatments such as deep tissue, hot stone, cranial sacral, pregnancy massages and many more.

Learn how Dynamic Touch Massage Therapy saves between $2 and $5 per transaction.

Thanks to Appointment-Plus I've seen a
20% increase in new business.

Richard Green, Massage Therapy Works Inc.

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Client Profile

Karmassage in Austin, Texas, specializes in deep tissue massage therapy delivered with a compassionate touch. They address the body with regard to structural alignment and posture, fascial restrictions, range of motion and lifestyle habits.

"We use Appointment-Plus to schedule massage appointments while eliminating phone tag. We also use it to keep track of income and massage packages. I can't imagine ever running our massage practice without it. It's the best thing we have done for our business."
- Karmassage

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