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Some much-needed order to a hectic day

Schedules, calendars, and timelines, oh my! When your job is devoted to finding the right candidate for the job, overseeing the hassles that comes with bookings can be a total pain. Whether you are scheduling screening calls or interviews, you're required to find that magical time slot that works for everyone involved. All and all, you're dealing with a ton of back and forth.

All that dialog comes at a cost, one that isn't the only expense you're dealing with. When scheduling interviews, you have to consider how many interview meetings are needed, how many employees should attend, how long your interviews should last, and where the interview is going to take place. It’s no joke – hiring is expensive.

You might have wondered, “How can I reduce the time I spend scheduling calls, rooms, or interviews?” It’s easier than you think! With an online interview booking software system, you can have your cake and eat it, too. Get top-of-the-line appointment scheduling with an array of features that will benefit you and your employer day after day.

We use AppointmentPlus to organize which interview rooms will be used for caseworker appointments which ensures efficient use of our space.
Jackie PrestonChief Executive, Swansea Citizens Advice Bureau, UK

The right qualifications

How does AppointmentPlus stack up to other online schedulers? Well, we do a lot more than help you manage your calendar. Our list of qualifications and skills definitely breaks the one-page resume rule, but we feel confident that you'll want to hear about them all.

Here are a few of the highlights that will really make a difference in the way you do business:

Coordinate multiple calendars

Arrange schedule availability between candidates, hiring managers, and additional HR personnel with ease. You can create multiple calendars, which the appropriate staff can view and edit through their own logins. You even control how much access they have, so you don’t have to worry about schedules getting mixed up. And, if your staff uses Outlook or Google Calendars, AppointmentPlus can sync schedules to ensure no one gets double-booked.

Make adjustments on the fly

When your candidate suddenly needs to cancel, there's no need to stress. Simply log into the AppointmentPlus software system to reschedule them in a flash. You can even negotiate new meeting times with your smartphone though our stunning iPhone and Android mobile apps.

Manage room availability

Check to see which conference rooms are available so you never have to fight for space again. You can also reserve rooms so that you don't have to shuffle from meeting space to meeting space. And no more worries about having to boot anyone from a room!

Store applicant information

Keeping tabs on all of your potential employees can be a nightmare. Eliminate the hassle by entering their information into our secure online interview scheduling software system. You can store contact information, as well as make notes about which applications or security forms they've completed. We take every precaution to ensure all private information is completely protected. To learn more, view our privacy policy.

Do more with less

Think of all the products and software you’re using now. You probably have a content management system, an internal email client, a paper or online calendar, and an analytics software tool. That’s a lot of stuff to keep an eye on. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do everything from one convenient location?

Well, we’ve thought about that, and we agree. When you invest in a robust interview scheduler, you really notice a difference in how many programs you need to juggle. With the AppointmentPlus software system, you can:

  • Track leads
  • Store applicant information
  • Send e-mail or text reminders about upcoming appointments
  • Schedule multiple attendees for panel interviews
  • Search for applicants by last name, email address, city, or phone number
  • Easily export files or reports to Microsoft Excel
  • Quickly export calendars to iCal, Google Calendar, or Outlook

That’s all in one single system. So, no more bouncing around and no more losing track of any applicant data.

You’ll be able to do far more with a lot less. Efficiency in motion!

Work with a leading name in interview
scheduling software

You know what makes a good candidate. You’re a pro at scanning resumes and finding the most qualified people to keep your company strong. You only hire the best! Shouldn’t you do the same with an online scheduler?

When you invest in AppointmentPlus, you’re getting innovative software with industry-leading support. Since 2001, we’ve become one of the most trusted names in appointment booking, with over 50100,000 interviews scheduled each month by HR departments across the world.

With over 16 million users in over 16 countries across the globe, we’re committed to staying on top. We’ve worked with mid-to-large sized organizations, enterprise businesses, and even Fortune 500 companies since our launch 13 years ago.

During that time, we’ve developed a sleek, sophisticated system that will grow with your business.Our clients consistently report significant improvements in efficiency and time savings, while also seeing a drop in no-shows.

We’ve worked hard to build our reputation as one of the finest online scheduling software systems for interviewss in the biz, and you get to reap the benefits.

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