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When everyone is speaking the same language, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish.

What if nobody understood what you were saying?

Even if it’s never happened to you, I’m sure you’ve observed it – the customer who can’t communicate with a store associate because of a language barrier, or a child who is hearing impaired and can’t understand what’s being asked of him. It’s a helpless feeling when you know what you want to say but have no way to get your message across.

When you aren’t able to communicate, progress stops. Fortunately, there are companies like yours that provide interpreting, translation, or transcription services for individuals and other companies.

When your sign language interpreting services are needed for a deaf employee, or one of your clients has an important business meeting with overseas colleagues and needs a phone or video interpreter, you are there to help keep the lines of communication open. So how are you managing all these multilingual staff members and different types of appointments?

With appointment scheduling software from AppointmentPlus, managing multiple staff members with varying language proficiencies is a breeze.

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Give me a sign

So what does appointment scheduling software have to with interpreting services? Plenty - because getting your interpreters lined up with the clients who need them requires a great deal of organization.

Companies need interpreting services for a variety of reasons – to provide policy translations in other languages, to help communicate with their hearing-impaired employees, or to transcribe legal or medical notes.

Interpreting by Telephone (IBT)

Does your company provide translators for all-employee status calls or to facilitate news interviews by phone? If someone on the other end of the line speaks another language, your clients need to book a translator who can help get their message across.

Legal Translation

“Legalese” is its own language, and even though a legal document may be written in English, that doesn’t mean it’s easily understood to those of us without a JD. Make sure your clients can book your services online at any time, day or night, keeping your translators engaged and productive – all while improving your bottom line.

Sign Language Interpreting

Government agencies, news conferences, even weddings and funerals are using sign language interpreters for their deaf community. Whether it’s a police department that needs help communicating with a witness or a doctor’s office with a hearing impaired patient, your services are sometimes needed quickly – will you be able to handle those appointments?

The list goes on and on – from Video Remote Interpreting to In-Person Interpreting – there is no shortage of scenarios where your help is needed to facilitate communication between people who don’t speak the same language. So while the need for your services continues to grow, is your company ready to schedule all those jobs?

Now you’re speaking my language!

When two people don’t speak the same language, confusion and impatience can build quickly. We know that the best way to get your point across is through concrete examples, so here are a few to demonstrate how we help interpreting and translation services companies like yours:

  • Book appointments with phone, video, or in-person interpreters
  • Schedule certification and training classes for employees
  • Store documents for clients who need translation services
  • Collect client data, including notes and payment information, to improve customer service

Set up your staff profiles to easily select the correct interpreter for the job

Your staff has a variety of talents and you need to be able to quickly discern which staff members are able to handle each request. With AppointmentPlus, you can set up profiles for each interpreter, list all their languages or types of interpretation, and view their availability.

  • See your available employees, at a glance
  • Avoid double-booking or booking when staff is unavailable
  • Ensure that appointments are booked with interpreters with the appropriate skill set

Allow clients to book the interpreters they need, when they need them

Facilitate repeat bookings with your regular clients, by allowing them to self-book the interpreters they need.

  • Your clients can securely login to AppointmentPlus and select the interpreter that matches the service they need at the time they need it – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Free up time from managing appointments – your clients can rebook, cancel, or change their appointments on their own
  • AppointmentPlus provides customizable security levels so that your clients can access only the data that they are cleared for

Improve customer satisfaction with easy invoicing and reporting features

Your clients love the convenience of online self-serve appointment booking, so be sure to offer them even more services that make their lives easier. Reduce paperwork and improve your cash flow by allowing your clients to pay for your services online – through point-of-sale and accounting software plugins. Generate monthly reports to show peaks and valleys in booked appointments by day or by service, and build creative marketing campaigns to increase productivity.

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Your staff’s skills are valuable, so let AppointmentPlus handle the administrative task of managing your their schedules.

Successful interpreting companies like Interpreting Line, Inc. and SBYAM Interpretation Services use AppointmentPlus because our scheduling software allows them to focus on the tasks that really matter – providing high quality service to those who need communication assistance. By streamlining administrative tasks like scheduling, making reminder calls, and manually processing appointment changes, you will be free to concentrate on building your business and keeping your clients coming back.

AppointmentPlus also saves time by allowing your client and staff to view and manage their own profiles, from their computer or even their mobile device. Our mobile apps are compatible with both Apple and Android devices so you and your interpreters are always in the know, which is especially important if the job takes them on the road.

When schedules change, as they inevitably do, notifications are sent to you, your client, and your interpreter – allowing you to backfill appointments or use the downtime for a quick staff meeting.

The AppointmentPlus Difference

When you’re searching for an online scheduling solution for your interpreting company, consider the following:

  • AppointmentPlus has been in the scheduling business since 2001. And we’ve been dedicated to providing the best possible service for our 7,000+ clients since that time.
  • Our state-of-the-art data storage centers will keep your customer data secure, so your medical and legal information is always safe.
  • We offer the best in customer support, whether you prefer to speak to a specialist via online chat or over the phone. We’re here to help you in any way we can.

We’re so confident that we will be able to help you improve the scheduling process for your interpreters that we invite you to take us for a test drive. That’s right, we’ll give you a free 15-day trial of AppointmentPlus to give you a better idea of what scheduling nirvana looks like. And of course, we’re here to help you set up your system with any customizations that you need. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

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