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Keep more pets clean and happy with dog grooming appointment software from AppointmentPlus

Best in show

Blow dryers? Check. Nail clippers? Check. Large tubs? Check. A face ready for lots of sloppy puppy kisses? Big check.

You have all the right equipment, and you’ve got the greatest group of dog groomers in the biz. You do what you love, and you love doing it. No matter how hectic your business schedule becomes, your day instantly becomes better every time you see a happy face and a wagging tail.

After all, it’s been shown that dogs can help you live longer and feel better. So it’s no wonder you smile when you see those four-legged stress relievers!

Well, with AppointmentPlus grooming appointment software, we’ll help ensure you keep a steady flow of furry friends coming through your doors, whether those doors are to one of your mobile grooming vans or one of your grooming salons.

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Topline benefits:

Save time

A convenient online calendar means your customers can book you themselves, so you don’t have to try to answer the phone while in the middle of grooming Patty the Poodle.

Have multiple calendars

Coordinate your staff at all your locations with multiple calendars that individual groomers can manage themselves with their own logins. And you control how much access they have!

Manage sales

Process all of your sales transactions through our POS module. Run daily, weekly, or monthly sales reports to track and monitor sales.

And this is only the tip of the dog pile. Keep reading to find out what else AppointmentPlus has in store to grow your business and keep your clients coming in… on two feet, or four!

I keep all my appointments in here, and it is simple and hassle free. I have totally gone paperless!
Crystal CrawfordIndogneato Grooming

Pooches stay pampered and pretty

You already do all you can for your fluffy clients, but what about the ones who aren’t so fuzzy and don’t have tails? Your business depends on bringing in new clients who want to see what all the fuss is about. But you also know the significance of securing the regulars who love that clean pup smell. Increasing your number of bookings requires a more than hypoallergenic shampoo and cute dog-bone shaped treats.

You need a solid game plan! Get ahead of your competition by installing a dog grooming appointment software that’s user-friendly and pet-friendly, too.

So, how can you give your pet grooming business that competitive edge? Let’s take a look:

Prevent missed appointments

Missing out on an appointment is the worst! Prevent it from happening with email and mobile appointment reminder alerts for all of your customers. Some groomers report up to a 50% decrease in no-show rates by using automated reminders.

Easily manage your availability

With an easy-to-use calendar, you can choose the hours you and your staff are available for bookings. Not to mention, you can quickly see how many customers you’ll have each day so you can prevent being overbooked or understaffed. And that’s nothing to bark about!

Never forget a single sweet face with client notes and pictures

You want your customers to have an exceptional experience. When they do, they’re more likely to come back and to recommend their friends and family to you. Word-of-mouth is priceless to a growing business! One way to really impress is by taking notes and pictures after each grooming. Simply pop into the AppointmentPlus software, jot down a few notes about the precious pup you met, and upload a picture. When your client returns, your customers will be impressed that you remembered that their adorable bulldog prefers oatmeal baths.

Set up recurring appointments to keep pets looking good

You probably have many customers who love your services and want standing appointments for hair trims, baths, and teeth brushing. That’s a snap to set up in our online scheduler for grooming. And remember, with our automatic email and text alerts, they’ll never forget that Max needs his nails clipped when they read those helpful, gentle reminders.

Get paws-itive feedback with convenient features

Billing and reporting can be the most tedious part of owning a business. Make your life a little easier with our robust, feature-rich pet grooming software system. You can see daily transaction numbers to see how many appointments you booked. Run monthly sales figures to find out if you’ll meet your fiscal goals. Track staffing costs so you always stay on budget. Lots of customizable reports, all at your fingertips and all easy to interpret.

Additionally, use our POS plug-in to sell gift certificates and merchandise. Or, do you have your own pet-friendly shampoo or dog accessories line? We’ll show you how well it’s doing! Our financial reports can be easily downloaded or exported to Microsoft® Excel®.

You can also track the popularity of your specialized add-on services. Do you offer monthly flea treatments? Coat conditioning? Hand stripping? Grooming for show dogs? Find out how many of these services you sell so that you can order the right amount of supplies each month, or see which services you can bolster by offering special coupons to increase sales.

Did we mention we can help you dole out those special coupon codes? Just integrate our system with your favorite email marketing software, and you’re on your way to becoming a marketing pro. Or run and track a social media campaign on Twitter and Facebook. Yep, you can do that with AppointmentPlus, too.

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Teach an old dog new tricks

We understand that it may be a little intimidating to try a new way of doing things. You’ve gotten comfortable with your pen-and-paper schedule, personally talking to your clients to book appointments, and working directly with your employees to put together the work schedule. Moving to a web-based system may seem a little daunting.

Relax! We know what a big transition that can be for your business, and we’re standing by to make it a relaxed, fun experience. We help you from the very beginning. You’ll enjoy a free training session to ensure you understand how to use our software system. During that time, we can help by getting you set up right away so you can get back to focusing on building your company. If you need a little more help, we’ve got you covered there, too. With three support tiers, we have an option that will fit your needs.

You also don’t have to worry about keeping your customer’s personal records in our database. We’ve developed a safe, secure online grooming salon software that guarantees your clients will be protected. We encourage you to read more about our privacy policy.

Think of all the time you’ll save. That translates into more face-time with your favorite mutts, and that’s barking up the right tree.

We love AppointmentPlus! Our customers enjoy it and we have had some new customers register online too! We have only been using it for a month but are so glad we did! We also like being able to check our schedule from our home computers too! And whenever we have had a question or issue, the customer support team has been right there for us! Thank you AppointmentPlus!
Carol HurlburtBark Easy Pet Grooming LLC

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