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Apples and oranges

It’s pretty common in today’s business world to hear people talk about comparing apples to apples. Comparing apples to apples means doing a valid, meaningful comparison.

On the other hand, an apples-to-oranges comparison means the opposite. It describes the comparison of two things that are not alike.

These phrases are common because they can apply to so many scenarios. One of those areas where they most definitely apply is enterprise scheduling software.

Peeling off the skin

So what makes AppointmentPlus the best enterprise scheduling software? We thought you’d never ask. But, let’s turn this question around and examine the needs of larger businesses and organizations. I promise we’ll tie it back to the apples-to-apples analogy above. Bigger companies have much different needs than smaller companies.

For example, the following are important to enterprises:


Large corporations must grow and expand to remain successful.


Enterprises require timely support at various levels and types.


Needing a new feature or a change to one is common with enterprises.


Security breaches can be devastating and costly for large businesses.


When you have thousands of users, reliability is of utmost importance.


Oftentimes, large companies need integration with legacy systems.

Built for the enterprise

In today’s web-based world, it’s sometimes easy to think you are making apples-to-apples comparisons when you really aren’t. The Internet is filled with tiny software companies. And, that’s okay. Small software companies can play an important role in the ecosystem by providing solid solutions for small businesses.

But, they can’t support the needs of larger businesses.

It requires a deliberate strategy and a huge investment of time and money to be able to effectively support enterprises.

AppointmentPlus has made that investment and here’s how:

Our software

  • Robust API to connect to your enterprise systems
  • Flexible enterprise-scale features to meet your complex needs
  • Built-in multi-location architecture to add efficiency to multiple-site scheduling
  • Highly scalable to grow with you as you expand operations
  • Industry-leading security to ensure your data is safe

  • Robust API to connect to your enterprise systems
  • Flexible enterprise-scale features to meet your complex needs
  • Built-in multi-location architecture to add efficiency to multiple-site scheduling
  • Highly scalable to grow with you as you expand operations
  • Industry-leading security to ensure your data is safe

Our infrastructure

  • Scalable, cloud-based infrastructure hosted at IO Data Centers and Rackspace
  • Highly-redundant architecture with strong failover capabilities
  • Top-tier equipment for reliability and performance

Our 5 step process

We consult

In this first phase, we consult with you to gather all project requirements, and to define and refine the specific needs of your business.

We design

During the Design phase, our team of experts designs a seamless enterprise scheduling solution encompassing all the rules and settings that are unique to your business requirements.

We deploy

Once the software is configured according to the requirements of the final design, it is time to deploy the solution in a live environment. Our team is with you every step of the way.

We adopt

During the Adoption phase, we work with you to train your staff members across all locations to ensure a successful implementation and long-term success.

We support

As the solution becomes integral to your daily business, we’ll be here to provide quick answers to any questions that arise.

How enterprises use our software

Our clients use AppointmentPlus in myriad ways. Here are some of the ways larger organizations use our software.

Warehouses and distribution center scheduling

Some of the largest companies in the world use AppointmentPlus as part of their logistics and
supply chain processes.

  • Scheduling incoming deliveries from carriers
  • Scheduling outgoing loads
  • Reducing wait times

Human resources scheduling

There are a number of scheduling needs within human resources, especially for growing and larger businesses.

  • Candidate screening calls
  • Interviews
  • Compliance training
  • Benefits reviews

Corporate wellness appointments

Large businesses use AppointmentPlus to control all scheduling for wellness services, including:

  • Nutrition counseling
  • Personal training
  • Massage
  • Chiropractic
  • Spa services
  • Fitness classes
  • Medical checks
  • Biometric screenings

Professional service meeting scheduling

Businesses use AppointmentPlus to allow prospects and clients to book appointments for meetings with:

  • Loan officers at banks
  • Financial advisors at large financial institutions
  • Tax professionals at multi-location tax firms
  • Attorneys in large law offices
  • Insurance agents at nationwide firms
  • Home services technicians for maintenance, repair or installation

Higher education scheduling

Over 500 colleges and universities use AppointmentPlus for their various scheduling needs, including:

  • Academic advising
  • Financial aid
  • Career counseling
  • Campus tours
  • Student housing
  • Facilities scheduling
  • Tutoring
  • Testing centers

Customer service call scheduling

Busy support organizations within large companies use us to help streamline their customer support processes.

  • Customers schedule call-backs at specific times
  • Customers put themselves in a call-back queue

Conference room scheduling

Booking conference rooms can be a tedious process. AppointmentPlus helps make the room reservation process more efficient.

  • Internal business meeting rooms
  • Library meeting rooms
  • Third-party conference room rentals

Call center appointment booking

Over 50 call centers and answering services use AppointmentPlus with their customers.

  • Direct appointment booking by agents
  • Payment processing for appointments
  • Multi-location, multi-staff booking

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