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Remember when you first learned how to drive? Remember how stressed-out you were behind the wheel, hoping that you parent or big sister or instructor would have mercy on you, and not make you too nervous?

Not much has changed for those driving students’ nerves, but for parents and driving schools, the world has changed a lot. New laws, new car features, new driving tests – advances in technology mean changing rules and equipment. Not only that, driving students and their parents are tech savvy, and they want to do business with companies that are just as up-to-speed (pardon the pun) as they are.

Just as the driving laws are changing to reflect the latest technical advances, your driving school must adapt to the latest in online services for your customers. So, if your company still uses an old-fashioned paper appointment book or email program to book classes, reserve cars, and schedule instructors, it might be time for an upgrade.

So how can you stay on top of the latest technical advances, while maintaining that personalized customer service that wins repeat customers and positive online reviews?

Driving school scheduling software from AppointmentPlus.

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Let AppointmentPlus ride shotgun

Think about all the time that you spend on scheduling driving classes. You’ve got classrooms to book, behind-the-wheel time to schedule, and cars to reserve. Let’s not forget that you have to manage the correct number of students per instructor, and keep up with all the cancellations and rescheduling.

When your business model depends on the level of one-on-one attention that your students receive, it’s imperative that your time isn’t wasted on administrative tasks. The Harvard Business Review affirms that the key to becoming more productive is simple: Eliminate or delegate tasks that are not considered “value added.” In fact, their research shows that on average, 41% of a knowledge worker’s time is spent on activities that are not personally rewarding and could be handled completely by others.

So, how can you maintain a high level of productivity, while keeping your staff’s time free to focus on tasks that will best utilize their skills?

Save time by letting students self-register

With AppointmentPlus® scheduling software, students can register, and book classroom and behind-the-wheel time, 24 hours a day. With students in school and parents at work during your office hours, you need to have a booking portal that is available when your students are.

Keep your instructors updated with mobile access

If your instructors are out with students, they can’t exactly check the office’s paper appointment book to see where they should be next. AppointmentPlus software allows access from any location with an Internet connection, so your instructors are always in the know about the latest changes to their schedule.

No more double-booking

Instructors can block out their vacation days or other unavailable times, so that your students aren’t booking appointments with an instructor who is out of the office.

We handle all types of driving instruction

We know that you don’t just provide services for teenage drivers. So the AppointmentPlus interface is configurable to handle scheduling all your services, including:

  • Classroom instruction
  • Behind-the-wheel practice
  • Driver tests
  • Driving instructor certification
  • Defensive driving courses
  • Motorcycle training

All classes are not created equal, and you should have a system in place that can manage the different variables that go into scheduling each type of class.

For classroom instruction, how do you ensure that you have enough printed course material or online logins that you need?

For behind-the-wheel practice, what is your process for checking out a car or motorcycle?

For classroom “bundles,” how do you track how many classes have been taken and how many are left in a package?

Does your student database suffer from data entry errors or duplicate records?

All these concerns can be addressed by a robust driving school scheduling system. Resource management can be complicated if you have a variety of resources that need to be scheduled. Projectors, classrooms, vehicles, and instructors all need to be organized, otherwise you run the risk of double-booking.

When incorporating an all-encompassing solution like AppointmentPlus scheduling software, driving school scheduling can reduce double-booking, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction – whether you have one location or twenty.

Check out these safety features

OK, so they might not be airbags or a rear backup camera, but the features within AppointmentPlus software can save you from classroom no-shows, missed sales opportunities, and unsatisfied customers.

Automated scheduling confirmations and reminders

The best way to reduce no-shows is through simple appointment confirmations and reminders. Unfortunately, making a ton of calls for every scheduled class and rescheduled instruction can eat up your entire day. AppointmentPlus software offers the ability to send automatic emails and text messages any time a session is scheduled or modified – reducing the old “oh, I forgot” excuse for not showing up for scheduled class time.

Integrated payment processing, point-of-sale functionality, and email marketing solutions

Easily accept customer payments online, send email marketing campaigns to track customer satisfaction, and sell gift certificates online. With our vast array of available plugins, you can incorporate tools like MailChimp, POS Module, and other third-party software seamlessly into your AppointmentPlus configuration.

Manage multiple locations and staff calendars with a single login

Do you have multiple locations for driving lessons? Are you expanding into new territories? With AppointmentPlus software, you don’t need separate licenses or installations to sync up all your data. Because our solution is web-based, any authorized user can login from any location that has an Internet connection. And you can limit user access with permission levels, so you’re totally in control of your calendars.

Care to take us for a spin?

Seeing is believing, so we invite you to try out AppointmentPlus scheduling software risk-free for 15 days. No pressure, no contracts – just an opportunity to take a test drive and see how online scheduling can improve your scheduling process.

While you’re thinking about it, consider the experience of Avanti Auto Driving School in Boca Raton, Florida. Plagued with an inefficient scheduling system – the old paper appointment book – they set out in search of a more robust solution. After researching several online scheduling options, they found many solutions to be too costly or cumbersome to implement. Avanti ultimately selected AppointmentPlus for our extensive experience with companies both large and small, as well as the affordability and simplicity of implementation.

Avanti reports time savings of 2 hours per day and $650 in gas savings, thanks to instructors not having to travel back to the home office to check their upcoming schedules. To learn more about how AppointmentPlus can help your driving school increase time and cost savings, please give us a call at 800.988.0061.

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