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“We use Appointment-Plus to help schedule for our wide range of classes. They fill up quickly, so the program really helps relay that information to potential visitors.”

Lexington Medical Center

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Over 200 churches, synagogues, and mosques rely on Appointment-Plus to successfully schedule altar servers, ushers, commentators, lectors, ministers, and priests for daily mass times, charity and volunteer events, meetings, conference rooms, counseling and therapy sessions, weddings, and much more.

For around $1 per day, your church can save up to 20% in staff costs, increase members and volunteers by up to 10%, and save up to 40 hours per week managing events with online scheduling software.

Appointment-Plus can help you:

Who Uses Appointment-Plus

With over 15,000 church staff, members, and volunteers using Appointment-Plus, we are trusted by St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, St. Mary's Catholic Church, Unity Church of Christianity, Hope Lutheran Church, DFW Hindu Temple, Parkwoods United Church, Warsaw Community Church, and many more.

Learn how the Warsaw Community Church uses Appointment-Plus to schedule over 80 sessions per week.

We no longer have to pay for a receptionist because phone scheduling is unnecessary.

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Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Temperance, Michigan, has been serving its community for over 50 years. It relies on Appointment-Plus to provide online scheduling for altar servers, commentators, lectors and ministers during each of its daily mass times.

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