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Your practice is only as strong as its foundation

Chiropractors are known to be miracle workers. They provide relief and restore sanity to those suffering from aches and pain using a method that is celebrated by patients and practitioners alike.

But relief and sanity don’t come easy and you and your team know the difficulties of running a successful practice. While you have a fantastic practice with expertly trained staff and exemplary customer service, there’s still something missing to take you to the next level.

This “something” is robust chiropractor appointment software.

You want your patients to be happy and healthy, and they want to be in tip-top shape to navigate their busy and hectic lives. To ensure both your business and your patients are well-oiled and highly-functioning machines, you can use chiropractic software to provide an experience that’ll keep you at the front of customers’ minds.

With chiropractic scheduling software from AppointmentPlus your team can focus their talents on your clients’ needs by:

  • making appointment-booking a cinch with online scheduling,
  • providing in-depth reports with a few simple clicks, and
  • seamlessly integrating with your marketing efforts to spread the word about the quality of your work.

AppointmentPlus software lets you do what you do best.

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We provide quick relief to the pain of running a business

Running a successful practice isn’t easy, as you know. Your day can be filled with little tasks that add up and take away from the big picture. Clients to schedule, staff to manage, and of course, a business to keep in the black, all of which can lead to you needing a chiropractor yourself.

Booking appointments, managing staff, and maintaining a client database are all paramount to a bustling business but they don’t have to take over everything. With our dedicated chiropractic software, you can focus your healing hands on the folks who need them the most.

We can help you:

Put the customer first

Improve efficiency by putting patients in control. With our online chiropractic appointment software, patients can easily schedule appointments at times that are convenient to them. They can even set text or email reminders so they don’t forget. By putting your customers in control, you can significantly reduce no-shows. Some chiropractors report a decrease in no-shows by up to 50%.

Keep ‘em coming

Self-scheduling helps drive and increase revenue by offering patients and potential patients an at-a-glance look at options for appointments. Additionally, by allowing you to see all of your employee’s appointment schedules, you’ll have greater flexibility to handle walk-ins, no-shows, and last-minute bookings - which will grow your bottom line.

Stay connected everywhere

Coordinating staff and clients is a full-time job in itself and lacking omnipresence can make it particularly difficult when juggling multiple locations. Our software allows you to stay on top of it all remotely through Apple® iPhone® and Android™ mobile apps for your smart phone or tablet. With our mobile apps, it’s even possible to easily assign patients and staff to rooms designated for specific treatments from any location with Internet connectivity.

Work out the kinks, repeatedly

Chronic back and neck pain are, unfortunately, all too common, with many individuals requiring chiropractic treatment again and again. With chiropractic scheduling software, these ongoing appointments are a breeze to book and schedule. Whether it’s a weekly or monthly recurring appointment, or an annual tune-up, clients can book well in advance and often. Your customers will appreciate the ease and convenience of online booking and will love that it’s one less thing for them to worry about.

AppointmentPlus understands the unique scheduling needs of chiropractic practices. Businesses just like yours use our software to book over 100,000 appointments each month. Chiropractic offices and wellness centers trust AppointmentPlus to schedule a variety of medical appointments, including routine and new patient office visits, repeat appointments, as well as other services such as x-rays, massage, and therapeutic laser.

You’re smart, so your business should be too

Chiropractic can be a very competitive space. And with all the competition, it’s imperative that you know how you are doing. Accurate record keeping, revenue snapshots, and well-organized patient and staff data can prove invaluable to your clinic.

AppointmentPlus chiropractic software captures and compiles the information most important to you and your business. We can help you answer the questions you ask every day:

Who are my patients?

The best way to keep your customers happy is to know them. With our software, you can capture all of the patient data that will keep you and your team informed while providing the best and most efficient customer service experience to your patients. Are you seeing a lot of people with chronic back pain? A lot of one-time visitors? Do your patients skew older or perhaps are in a certain industry, like construction? You’ll be able to easily answer these questions and make decisions accordingly to effectively manage and grow your practice.

How much money did we make this week and how?

With our easy-to-use software, you can see quickly how much money you’ve made today, this week, this month, and this year. A snapshot of your revenue can help you gauge how you are doing comparatively or in general, giving you valuable information on what's working and what isn’t. We can also show you, at-a-glance, the traffic into your clinic and the reason for patient visits. Armed with all of this knowledge, you, the savvy business owner, can make informed decisions to best take your practice to the next level.

How is my staff doing?

Every business owner wants to know how their staff is doing, what they’re most efficient at doing, and what areas need improvement. With our chiropractic software, you can monitor the number of appointments, survey customer satisfaction, and keep your team in the loop on changes in an instant.

Create an online community of your most devout fans

When looking to differentiate yourself from all of the other players in the market, what better way to leverage your loyal customers than to use them as walking billboards? Using AppointmentPlus chiropractic software, you can seamlessly integrate your current marketing plan with the robust online system to push out content on Facebook and Twitter. You can even make your own targeted email campaigns to spread the word even further.

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