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Remember the busy signal?

Some of us remember a time when, if you called someone who was already on the phone, you heard a very distinctive sound. A repetitive “busy signal” let you know that you had to wait for the phone line to be free, then you’d get your chance to talk to the person you were calling.

These days, you’ll almost never hear that sound – thanks to call waiting, voicemail, and multi-line phone systems like yours. So when folks call you or your clients, there’s no such thing as “Hey, we’re a little busy right now. Can you call back?” Oh no. Those calls are getting answered, and you need to be ready to handle whatever comes your way.

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Keep those calls coming in

From crisis hotlines to restaurant reservations, the industries who need appointment scheduling services run the gamut.

Counseling helplines

When calls for help come in, your staff has to focus on the voice on the other end of the phone to provide the best level of support possible. When a caller wants to schedule time to talk, that appointment needs to be taken care of swiftly, seamlessly, and carefully.

Reservations Specialists

Whether you’re booking dinner reservations, tours, hotels, or car services, you need to be able to find the service your customer wants at the time that they want it – and fast. Whether reserving a table or a limo, your customers depend on your award winning customer service.

Health providers

Not many doctors make house calls any more, so patients need to be able to reach your physicians when an emergency strikes. Trying to keep a patient calm – especially one in labor! – is challenging enough without the added stress of outdated scheduling software.

Technical support

Downtime is no joke. If you provide customer support for website hosting, data centers, or Internet or cable providers, you know that when that service is down, people can get quite antsy. The last thing a customer wants to do is wait while your agents fumble around with an outdated reservation system. They want a technician to come out, stat.

Insurance companies

Accidents and illness can happen any time, any where. That’s why people get insurance in the first place. That also means that the need to call their insurance company is a round-the-clock activity. And don’t forget, documenting critical details about an accident quickly is imperative for your investigations. So when your customers need to report an accident or schedule an appraisal or consultation, you need appointment scheduling software that can accurately capture all that data, 24/7.

Who’re they gonna call? You, that’s who.

That’s right, your customers have your number and they aren’t afraid to use it. So what’s the best way for a call center to manage its inbound scheduling needs?

Internally manage your own customers’ appointments

If your customers are calling you to book time with your staff, all your scheduling needs can be handling through a single software solution with AppointmentPlus. Staff and room scheduling, equipment reservations, automated appointment confirmations and reminders – we’ve got it all.

Keep accurate notes

One of the most common call center tasks is to receive and relay messages from a client to a service professional. Use the customer profile features to track a caller’s specific requests, questions, or feedback to allow a seamless customer service experience.

Third Party Call Centers – Allow your clients to manage their appointments

For those companies who manage inbound calls for other companies, appointment scheduling can be tricky if your client needs to access your system. Not so with AppointmentPlus! With various customizable access levels, your clients can manage their customers’ appointments with ease, and you can rest assured knowing that your other clients’ data is safe and secure.

Talk scheduling to me

For call centers, no two days are ever the same. That’s because your customers’ needs change from moment to moment. How will you make sure to provide the best service possible when they call you in their hour of need? By doing what you do best, and letting us handle the rest.

Phone scheduling is an art form, so let AppointmentPlus worry about the technical aspect of your job. While you’re handling the patient who needs to see their doctor at the very next possible appointment, or keeping a caller engaged so that your conversation ends with a counseling appointment, AppointmentPlus will be there to ensure that the appointment is scheduled without a hitch.

AppointmentPlus’ clients range from concierge services to benefits enrollment centers and even nutritional supplement help lines, so we are no rookies when it comes to providing a quality scheduling software solution for call centers.

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Not only do we offer the comprehensive scheduling support that you would expect from a company called AppointmentPlus, our available plugins can raise your game to a whole new level.

  • Allow your callers to automatically export their appointments to their personal calendar with our Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook plugins
  • Monitor your staff’s productivity by running reports on calls answered, appointments scheduled, and other useful metrics.
  • Use our Time Clock feature to allow call center staff to clock in and out, and to run reports on total work time.

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