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Automotive scheduling software can get you on the road to success

The right parts to get the job done

As someone who runs an automotive repair shop, you know how important it is to always have the right parts. Got a customer who needs a windshield repaired? You’ve got that covered. Someone looking for a new set of tires? You’ve got the expert recommendation to keep their family safe on the road. Have a customer searching for a speedy oil change? Your service technicians are the best of the best.

But what about the parts that keep your business running smoothly behind the scenes? The tedious, but absolutely essential aspects of your business, like customer scheduling? There are ways to make improvements to those systems, too, freeing up more of your time to get back to your business.

The AppointmentPlus® automotive scheduling software system is crafted to be an efficient method of handling your booking needs, with minimal maintenance from you.

With our system, you will:

  • Increase the number of bookings
  • Save time
  • Improve your ROI

A new coat of wax to help your business shine

Let’s roll back our sleeves and get down to the nitty gritty. How can automotive scheduling software really help improve your business and keep your bays packed? With a number of automated processes, you’ll free up your time, so you can get back to managing your business.

With online booking, your customers can reach you from the comfort of their own homes

Online car repair scheduling software means that your customers don’t need to wait for your scheduled business hours to sign up for your services. Our system can handle multiple appointments during the same time frame, so you can keep multiple bays full all day long. We also support several kinds of services, so your customers can schedule oil changes, tire rotations, windshield repairs, heating and air conditioning maintenance, mileage checkups, and much more.

Keep your auto techs happy and busy

We have the most flexible scheduling calendar available. So whether you need to block out time for a holiday, extend your hours for a customer appreciation event, or set a different schedule each week for your technicians, our software can accommodate it. You also have the flexibility to give your employees access to the AppointmentPlus system with staff member profiles so they can view and print their own schedules. You choose their individual accessibility levels, so they only have the power you want them to have.

Decrease your no-shows with email and text reminders

You can also send customized reminders to your customers via email or text when their appointments are near. With these gentle reminders, your customers won’t forget about their upcoming brake inspection. By keeping your customers in the loop, you’ll improve your reputation, too. Service shops often report no-show rate improvements of up to 50% after implementing online booking software for repair shops.

Plus, we’ve made our shop scheduling software so easy to use that you won’t have much downtime as you learn a new system. And, if you ever need assistance, our support staff is ready to answer your questions.

Get a peek at what’s under the hood

A great car repair scheduling software is like investing in a reliable engine. It may not be the part of the car that everyone immediately sees, but it keeps your machine operating efficiently with minimal maintenance over time.

With automobile purchases rising this year, investing in tools to improve efficiency will give you results you’ll definitely notice in the long run.

Like a great car repair shop, we’ve got years of experience under our belts. Since 2001, our experts continue to create an industry-leading customer experience that keeps our clients at the top of their game.

We work with corporate autoplexes, quick-lane franchises, and dealerships across the country. Our clients include Honda, Ford, Chrysler, Harley-Davidson, Meineke, and many more. So no matter what your needs and expectations are, we’ve got a range of solutions for you and your crew.

Our scheduling system will help your
automotive business purr like a kitten

Our system does a lot more than just schedule car repair and maintenance appointments. We have two unique features that really make the AppointmentPlus software system stand out from the others.

Multiple third-party and in-house apps to beef up your business

Our Marketplace holds a ton of useful apps that add more dimensions to your car repair software system. When you connect our system to Microsoft® Excel®, you can manage your financials right within our software.

Informative reporting compatibilities

When you run a marketing campaign to increase your business, we can show you how well it performed with our efficient, easy-to-navigate reporting system. So when you run an email campaign to promote your monthly special, you’ll be able to track how many customers responded to your awesome deals.

We also have fantastic apps that let you manage your employees more efficiently, including our Compensation Calculator, which helps you determine how much you owe your technicians. We also suggest trying our Time Clock app, which your employees can use to track their time spent on the job.

Do you sell gift certificates for automotive detailing and other service packages? Our car repair scheduling software assigns coupon codes, allows you to download daily transaction reports, and lets you print receipts on demand. You’ll be able to track your company’s success in ways you never have before.

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