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Over 26 million Americans play basketball, with over four million of those playing in organized leagues. Baseball is played by nearly 15 million Americans. Those numbers are hard to ignore, especially considering all those people need somewhere to play. How can you increase your market share and get more of these athletes on your fields?

Coordinating something like a single kickball match might seem like child’s play. But look deeper and you'll realize that you have to get over 20 players on the same field, at the same time, and have an umpire there to officiate the match. The grass has to be mowed, the infield has to be raked, lines have to be painted, bases have to be placed on the field…sheesh! I’m getting exhausted just thinking about it. But, lucky for you, we have a solution.

Athletic field scheduling software can take your business from the amateur ranks to the major leagues. Whether you house softball diamonds, soccer fields, tennis courts, or any other type of athletic facility, AppointmentPlus can help you manage those facilities more effectively. With our software you’ll have the ability to:

  • Eliminate scheduling conflicts using our web-based interface
  • Increase bookings during off-peak times
  • Maximize efficiency to save time and grow your team base

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If you schedule it, they will come

The term “soccer mom” has become generic these days, but there’s no denying the popularity of after-school team sports. One quick drive around the suburbs and you’re bound to find a minivan filled with kids en route to practice. With multiple teams in a league, each having multiple practice and game days each week, you can keep your fields fully booked if those vans are stopping at one of your fields.

So, how do you get them there?

With access to a web-based scheduling system, you’ll make it easier than ever for your customers to quickly check availability and make reservations. Whether for a one-time friendly match or a full league season, there will never be any confusion over which fields are available or who’s using them. And your staff will always be fully prepared for the next team coming in. The only facet of your business you won’t be able to control is the weather, but people are working on that for you.

Getting players on the field is just the first step to maintaining a successful athletic facilities business. “Maintaining” being the key word, right? You have to keep your fields in tip-top shape if you want your customers to keep coming back. Scheduling around regular grounds maintenance is another intangible benefit of online scheduling. The last thing you want is to have a lacrosse team show up and find your landscape architect perched atop his riding mower on the field they had reserved.

A well-manicured lawn is crucial to your success but ensuring that maintenance needs not overlap with your customers’ reservations is just as crucial. Keep everything in sync with scheduling software for athletic fields and you can avoid having to ever call an audible again.

Every time is prime time

Like any business, you’re going to experience downtime. But an empty batting cage isn’t putting any greenbacks in your back pocket. So our system goes beyond just scheduling. We can help you turn your downtime into an uptick in your cash flow.

Your supply is their demand

Who doesn’t love a great happy hour? Cheap prices and good company will always get people through the door. Restaurateurs know what they’re doing; they’re filling the gap between the lunch crowd and the dinner rush. Online scheduling allows you to assign variable pricing to your facilities that your customers can see as they choose a timeslot. If you’re fully booked during peak hours but have multiple openings at other times during the day, your customers can take advantage of your off-season pricing. Not only that, you can collect payment up front so you’re less impacted by last-minute cancellations.

Keep your staff in play

Having appropriate staff on hand is always key. Too few or too many employees on the clock can have a negative impact on your business. When you use athletic field software to align your staff schedule with your customer schedule, you’ll always be sure to have the right ratio of employees to customers. To make it even easier on you, you can integrate your staff schedule with AppointmentPlus software to handle the time clock duties. See what I did there? More features and less hassle.

Don’t forget to remember

The old adage is, “An elephant never forgets.” I don’t know any elephants personally so I can’t corroborate that statement. Regardless, elephants aren’t reserving volleyball courts. The people who do might need a gentle reminder. There’s nothing like a no-show to suck the air out of the ball. A confirmation message at the time of reservation and a follow-up reminder will help your customers from missing their appointments and keep unused courts to a minimum.

We’ll be your all-star teammates

You’ve already invested in professional grade equipment for your customers. Why not upgrade to a professional grade scheduling system? Your competitors will think you corked your bats or juiced the ball.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients to streamline their operations to make better use of their time and facilities. And unlike pen and paper scheduling, our support staff will always be available when you have questions about our athletic facility scheduling software.

We understand that in your business, you can be on the field or court for most of the day, and you still need access to your schedule – particularly if you have to get in the middle of a McEnroe-like temper tantrum over court reservations. So we’ve developed very reliable and user-friendly mobile apps so that you can always be in the know, regardless of where you are.

Make the leap and land on solid ground

As more and more people get involved in organized sports, the demand for your facilities will continue to increase. From recreational kickball leagues to highly competitive soccer, you’re guaranteed to see the benefits from online scheduling.

Our athletic facility scheduling software will help you accommodate all the athletes in your area. Schedule your free consultation to see how AppointmentPlus software can work for you.

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