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Healthy clients, healthy business

The ancient art of acupuncture has long been touted for its healing powers. But, as much as you and your staff pour your heart and soul into your clients, you still have a business to run. You have the place, you have the staff, you have the clients, but the next level will require a little more than calm lighting, needles, and soft hands.

You’ll need some help to get there.

To keep your loyal clients on the table, week after week, you can use acupuncture software to deliver an experience that’s seamless for them and easy for you. With sleek yet robust acupuncture scheduling software system, your customers’ journey to revitalization will be quick and painless.

You and your team can channel your energy and focus on clients knowing that no-shows are a thing of the past with email and text reminders and that your great work is being promoted and praised through social media integration.

Let AppointmentPlus help you do what you do best.

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Releasing complications from your business

It’s not easy running a growing business, and sometimes, your day can be downright complicated with a litany of problems to resolve and decisions to make. There’s staff to manage, clients to please, and a business to keep afloat, all of which might put you on your own table. You could use some healing hands of your own to restore order and maintain calm.

Booking appointments and maintaining a calendar are necessary evils that don’t have to be evil at all: with dedicated acupuncture software, you can dedicate your time to your clients and their needs. Acupuncture is an art, you an artist, and your clinic a gallery. Wouldn’t it be great to focus your talents on your art instead of the must-do’s?

We have that solution and your remedy to success. AppointmentPlus is more than just a sleek platform, it’s an end-to-end scheduling software that will grow your productivity exponentially.

We can help you:

Give your customers the best experience

Customers are in control with our software by allowing them to easily schedule appointments online and set reminders so they don’t forget their appointment times. In today’s busy, on-the-go world, people appreciate convenience and also like knowing that once it’s set, they can forget it. Our software is ideal to ease the minds of your customers and has been proven to reduce patient no-shows by up to 80%.

Keep your clinic bustling

While we realize that the atmosphere of your business is calm and serene, that doesn't mean you can’t have a bustling business. We can help you retain your loyal clients while expanding your customer base through our acupuncture scheduling software. By allowing you to see all of your employee’s appointment schedules, you’ll have greater flexibility to handle walk-ins, no-shows, and last-minute bookings which in turn will keep the operation running smoothly.

Stay connected everywhere

Coordinating staff and clients is a full time job. You can’t be everywhere at once and this can be particularly hard when handling multiple locations. Our software allows you to stay on top of it all remotely through iPhone and Android mobile apps for your smart phone or tablet.

Keep clients happy and healthy, consistently

With appointment software, it’s simple and easy to set up recurring appointments for your clients. Whether it’s acupuncture for health or acupuncture for healing, your clients can book well in advance and often. With the enhanced point-of-sale (POS) feature, selling packages and sessions is quick and convenient. Some acupuncture clinics have seen an increase in business of up to 50% from simply implementing our tools.

Happy staff, happy boss

Allow your employees to effectively and efficiently manage their own schedules. With helpful administrative controls, you can offer your employees varying levels of access to suit your needs and theirs.

It might all seem too good to be true, but trust us; we’re not the only ones who love AppointmentPlus. Over 500 acupuncture offices, clinics and wellness centers use our software as their primary means of scheduling and booking appointments.

Smart business is good business

Naturopathic medicine has been around for years but has recently been tapped to cure numerous ailments. With the boom in popularity, many clinics have sprung up and thus, competition is stiff and businesses must be smart to survive.

To thrive, you must know how you are doing: snapshots of revenue, appointment activity, and promotion can prove to be invaluable to clinics both large and small.

The AppointmentPlus acupuncture software captures and analyzes the data you need to know to make informed decisions to best run your business.

We can help you answer all kinds of questions:

How much money did we earn today?

The bottom line is the most important figure for any savvy business owner. With our software, running reports to compute that bottom line is simple and easy. Get daily sales figures in an instant and know immediately how your business is doing.

How busy were we this week?

We can show you exactly how many appointments were booked and paid for. We can also show you how many clients turned up as no-shows, as well as the efficiency of each of your acupuncturists.

How can I get new clients?

Marketing is everything and the AppointmentPlus acupuncture appointment software system will not only help you supplement your marketing efforts but give you the tools to gauge and rate their efficacy. You’ll be a smarter marketer with a strong analysis of what's working and what isn’t.

Get people talking about how good a
little pain feels

Why not use your loyal customers as your biggest billboard? Social media and word-of-mouth are everything in today’s ever-connected world. AppointmentPlus software allows you to advertise your acupuncture practice with Facebook, Twitter, and do full email marketing integrations to drive more people to your clinic.

Social media is everything. Learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote your acupuncture business.

How can I get started with online acupuncture scheduling?

For people who have never tried acupuncture, they’re generally a little anxious and unsure. But, once they try it and experience the benefits, they were glad they took the leap. You may be feeling just like your new clients. We completely understand. So, we’ve made it simple for you to ease into it and learn more about how it works.

Here’s how you can begin

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Which option is best for you? We recommend you take a demo for a spin. One of our expert coaches will give you a 15-45 minute personalized tour of how our system can work for you and your acupuncture business. Our coach will answer all of your questions, so you can quickly understand if our online acupuncture scheduling software is the right choice for you.

Ready to learn more?

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