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Reduce costs at your educational facility with an efficient academic advising scheduling software system

It’s a no-brainer

You’ve got tons of school spirit, classrooms bursting with excited students, and a decent selection in the dining hall (hopefully). What you probably don’t have, though, is enough hours in the day. Between coordinating class schedules, accommodating staff requests, and relieving student concerns, you know the value of time management and process improvement.

You’ve probably wondered to yourself, “How can I improve the efficiency of my advising department and stay on budget?” You’ve likely also searched for methods to advance the relationships between the staff, professors, adjunct faculty, and students.

A robust academic advising software system is the solution for you and your university or college. The AppointmentPlus® system allows you to manage your time effortlessly. We do this by helping you organize student appointments, keep track of room scheduling, and maintain more robust records with our advanced reporting capabilities. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

How effective is our scheduling software?

AppointmentPlus software has helped over 500 academic institutions reduce student no­shows by up to 80% and save up to 40% in faculty costs.

Our academic advising software can be found on campuses across the U.S., including Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University, Georgetown University, UCLA, Columbia University, and more. It’s a no-brainer.

Staff - stress = productive academic advising department

You know the academic advising staff, as well as the faculty, battles an incredible amount of stress. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find academic staff or faculty members who don’t list their love of working with students among their top five reasons for their career choice. You clearly want to spend your time interacting with your students, as well as helping them learn and grow.

Plus, there’s little doubt that happy employees make better workers. So, it’s vital that the staff you work with have access to an easy-to-use software system that will help them fulfill their goals of fostering meaningful relationships with their students, and all without taking up valuable time.

That just happens to be our specialty! We may not be math professors at AppointmentPlus, but our benefits really do add up:

Meet your students on their turf

Your students are already plugged into every available outlet on campus. You’ve seen the half-glazed, brightly lit faces sitting across from you as you dive into discussions about courses and their future. Let’s face it – students are more connected than ever. So, offer them the ability to book their academic advising appointments online. Students can quickly schedule their appointments online 24/7 and get right back to crafting that undoubtedly insightful take on Kant’s greatest works.

Be the talk of the teacher’s lounge

The staff and faculty you work with have a lot to take on, and they need supporting technologies to maximize the time they have. An academic advising software that allows them to publish their available hours and keep track of meetings is sure to be a hit since it gives them the freedom to do what they love most.

Give your budget a break and go loan-free

You’re probably breaking out your pencil and readying your calculator, but there’s no need to stress! We know your academic institution’s budget is one of your highest priorities. This is why we offer annual discount plans that can fit any department budget.

No graduate degree required

No steep learning curve here! Our academic advising booking system is easy to implement for one department or institution-wide. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive reporting system, your staff and faculty won’t need to hit the books to use our software. Don’t worry – there are no pop quizzes either!

The value only multiplies

We’ve shown you the big-picture benefits of our academic advising software, but now it’s time to review some specifics that staff and students will love. What better way to do that than with some examples?

Tom, the freshman

Tom is new to the college scene. On his own for the first time, he’s developing skills he never knew he had (ones that hopefully extend beyond his creative capabilities with Ramen noodles).

One area where he definitely needs a little more work is his planning abilities. He’s forgotten he needs to schedule a one-on-one with his academic advisor, so he quickly logs into online calendar, finds an opening in her schedule for the next day and books it…then completely forgets about it the next morning. Fortunately, he gets an automatic text reminder.

No wasted time for the advisor, and Tom gets the recommendations he needs to craft a stellar class schedule next semester. After he leaves, his academic advisor makes a note in his profile in her AppointmentPlus system about his ambitions to become a civil engineer – notes account that will help her guide him each semester as he continues through his educational path.

Mary, the on-the-go Advisor

Mary has a lot going on. Over the course of a single day, she’s a mentor, an advocate, and a shoulder to lean on. With so many roles to play, it could be easy for her to become overloaded. However, with AppointmentPlus software, she can easily be all of these things, even from her smart phone.

With the click of a button, she can monitor students who are most likely to no-show to her appointments, make notes about her students’ academic goals, and change her meeting availability when her life gets a little hectic.

With this kind of robust academic advising software in place, she never has to worry about letting her students down. She’s free to be the role model and mentor she’s worked hard to become.

Keep everyone on the same page

Let’s see… There’s the staff, professors, advisors, coaches, and students. There’s adjunct staff, tutors, mentors, and maybe even a mascot. That’s a lot of people, with a ton of different needs. It’s almost mind-boggling.

But don’t worry. Whether your peers prefer Apple® or Android™, they can take AppointmentPlus anywhere on campus and beyond.

An added bonus

We’ve designed our advising schedule software to be compatible with a diverse list of in-house and third-party apps that are sure to make everyone happy. Need to export advisor appointments? Easy as pie with our Google Calendar®, Apple iCal®, and Outlook® Calendar integrations.

Want to see a full list of our compatible services?

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