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Integrate Your System Into the Power

of Appointment-Plus Online Scheduling with our API

Schedule Connect, our full suite of web services tools,
allows you to integrate Appointment-Plus with proprietary
and third party systems, such as CRMs, SISs, EMRs,
e-commerce and customer portals. It's one of many
services offered through the Appointment-Plus
Scheduling Cloud™ Enterprise Solution.

The Basics

What is Schedule Connect?

  • A simple, powerful and secure web services API
  • Available to all Appointment-Plus Enterprise accounts
  • Requires basic familiarity with software and web services

The Benefits

Why Schedule Connect?

  • Sync customer and appointment data with other systems
  • Customize how customers interface with the scheduling system
  • Create highly customized reports

The Hub

A Resource for Developers.

  • Schedule Connect is a loosely RESTful service.
  • Requests can be sent via http(s) to specific URIs for desired action
  • Returns are made in XML or JSON format, as desired