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“We use Appointment-Plus to handle our teachers’ very busy schedules. The web-based software is easy to use from anywhere in the world.”

Beth Rohde
Coast Music Conservatory

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Call Centers, Resellers and Affiliates

Do you have clients or contacts with online scheduling software needs? Appointment-Plus offers resellers and affiliates the ability to generate significant revenues by offering an industry-leading online scheduling system.

To make it easier for you to offer the scheduling software to your clients, we provide our reseller and affiliate community unparalleled system functionality and support.

In addition to serving traditional reseller markets, Appointment-Plus is the online scheduling software provider to some of the world's largest call centers such as AnswerNet and Intelligent Office.

Please review our reseller/affiliate programs below to see which best fits your needs.

"AnswerNet's clients have benefitted greatly through our relationship with Appointment-Plus. The software is easy to set up, use and update when needed, and the many features allow us to seamlessly customize the program to fit our clients' needs. I have recommended Appointment-Plus to many of our customers and competitors!"

Gary Pudles
President and CEO
AnswerNet Network

Call Centers & Answering Services

Our TAS/Call Center reseller program is called "ExpressWay".

ExpressWay Program

  • We bill your clients directly at our normal rates
  • We answer all client setup/support questions
  • We assign a dedicated person to assist you

Appointment-Plus works with Amtelco, Startel, Professional Teledata, Telescan and other TAS systems.

Non-Call Center Resellers

We offer a generous affiliate program for our affiliate partners.

Affiliate Program

  • All you do is distribute signup links and/or market the system
  • We provide you banners
  • We bill your clients directly
  • We support your clients
  • You earn an on-going quarterly commission of up to 25% of all revenues

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Control Panel

Each reseller or affiliate has access to a dedicated Control Panel. The Control Panel allows you to track your clients and provides valuable information, including training schedules, sample banners, help text, and more.

Control Panel for Online Booking Software System
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Control Panel for Online Booking Software System
Reseller Tools
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Control Panel for Online Booking Software System
Account/Billing History
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Signing Up

Please enter your information below. When you sign up below, you are immediately enabled as a reseller or affiliate. The login and password you assign yourself below will be the one you use to access the Control Panel. To access the Control Panel, you would click on the Reseller Login link at the bottom of the web site. If you are signing up as an affiliate, you will be emailed your affiliate links. You may begin using them immediately.

If you have any questions or if we can help in any way, please don't hesitate to contact us at or (480) 483-1199.

We look forward to working with you!

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