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"We save 28 hours a week on scheduling because
we used to do everything on paper!"
Maria Eugenia Berrios, Honors Learning Center


  • Easy Setup
  • Allow Self-Scheduling
  • Store Customer Data (CRM)
  • Automated Email and Text Notifications
  • Access From Mobile Devices
  • Run Detailed Reports
  • Accept Payments

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Statistics show that your organization is 70% LESS likely to have no-show appointments when using scheduling software. Most consumers would like to schedule appointments after they finish work; unfortunately, most organizations cannot efficiently process these requests.

Your online scheduling software is pre-loaded with the most flexible preferences and feature-rich applications. The customized scheduling fields are easy to use and have helped organizations convert over 60% of clients to self-scheduling. You may also save up to 10 hours per week with our Quickbooks and social media integration.

Appointment-Plus is the #1 online scheduling software platform. Trusted by over 16 million users, our intuitive application completely automates the scheduling process.

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