Customer Quotes

“At Cutting Edge Conditioning we strive to condition the mind, body and spirit in one holistic training experience. To  better serve our clients we decided to incorporate Appointment-Plus, providing on-line booking services at our clinic. We have found this service very reliable and efficient.”

Maria Bewcyk
Cutting Edge Conditioning, Inc.

“The Appointment-Plus scheduler has  many great features and is very user friendly. We have been very satisfied with the level of convenience it offers both our staff and our customers. The Appointment-Plus staff responds to any inquiries in a timely manner.”

Judy Picarillo
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

“Just writing to tell you how fabulous your software works! I love using Appointment-Plus. It enables me to run as smooth as silk in scheduling, seeing, and communicating with my patients. Thanks!”

Steve Knobler
North Seattle Community Acupunture

“I have been using Appointment-Plus for my personal training business, it is an essential tool for not only tracking my daily appointments, but also for creating client reports applicable to my business, I love it, my clients love it and I would be lost without it, I would recommend it to anyone.”

Gordon Hysen
3E Fitness Concepts