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  • 90 percent of off-site customers book online
  • Allows customers to pay online

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Company Profile

Segway Tours of Hershey in Hershey, Penn., offers seasonal, guided tours of the grounds of the historic Hotel Hershey. Both hotel guests and non-guests can take the 180-minute, off-road tour. The business began operations in 2009.

The Problem

No problem existed for Segway Tours of Hershey. It simply chose Appointment-Plus to handle its appointment scheduling needs since beginning operations.

Analysis & Solution

While establishing Segway Tours of Hershey, owner Moire Brandt spoke with a computer programmer client, who suggested she implement a lower cost, Web-based appointment scheduling program instead of a pricier, customized program for her new business. After conducting an online search and examining the capabilities of several providers, she chose Appointment-Plus as her online reservation system. One major selling point was the profile of another Segway operator that uses the software that appears on the Appointment-Plus Web site.


Segway Tours of Hershey relies on Appointment-Plus for its online reservation system needs. The business uses the schedule software to manage all of its online reservations from both hotel guests and nonguests. In fact, approximately 90 percent of its off-site, non-hotel customers book their own online reservations through Appointment-Plus. Segway Tours of Hershey booked about 340 tours in 2009, and it has already surpassed that number for 2010. In addition to tour scheduling, Ms. Brandt and her staff use the point-of-sale feature to allow customers to pay for the tours online. They also utilize the gift certificate module. Customer feedback has been positive, and individuals receive an automated thank you e-mail following completion of the tour.

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