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Client Profile

JC Golf School at Encinitas Ranch Golf Course in Encinitas, Calif., offers 15-minute, 30-minute and one-hour golf lessons. Teaching the lessons are three PGA instructors and one LPGA instructor. Approximately 400 to 500 individuals book golf lessons at the course each month.

The Problem

Prior to using Appointment-Plus, JC Golf School manually booked its student golf lessons using an appointment book and monthly calendar. The school did not utilize any type of software or electronic scheduler. This process sometimes created scheduling problems, as the instructors and staff were not always available to book lessons. Additionally, it did not provide an efficient way of tracking students and creating reports. Considering the number of students booked on a monthly basis, the appointment process in place did not meet the school's growing needs.

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John Mason, PGA director of instruction, believed that self-scheduling software could help his business save time and money by enabling students to set and manage their own lesson appointments. This, in turn, would benefit his staff, which would spend less time booking lessons for his instructors. Additionally, it would eliminate instances of missed appointments due to Mr. Mason or his instructors being unavailable to book lessons. Functions such as automated e-mail reminders and effective recordkeeping could also assist the school's operations.


Mr. Mason learned of Appointment-Plus and its capabilities through a colleague. He also researched two other appointment-scheduling services, which did not provide enough functionality. JC Golf School chose Appointment-Plus for its lesson-scheduling needs. In addition to its functionality, Mr. Mason cited cost as a main factor in his decision.


Appointment-Plus has greatly improved JC Golf School's appointment scheduling process. The software has received a tremendous response from students; in fact, all of JC Golf School's clients now book their golf lessons online using Appointment-Plus software. The effect on the business's operations has also been dramatic: it's saving hundreds of dollars and over 20 hours of time per week. Besides student self-scheduling, Mr. Mason and his instructors and staff use the software to track students and generate monthly reports.

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