Appointment-Plus Client Reviews

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Business Services

Warsaw Community Church Company Logo

Warsaw Community Church

With over 80 counseling sessions scheduled weekly, Warsaw Community Church turned to Appointment-Plus for its easy accessibility, appointment reminders and information-management tools.

Counselor Scheduling Software Review

Coast to Coast Educational Consulting

By offering online scheduling to patients, Coast to Coast Educational Consulting saves at least two hours a week and operates more efficiently.

Be Well Pilates Company Logo

Be Well Pilates

Owing much of its LivingSocial campaign success to “the ease and dependability” of Appointment-Plus, the business effortlessly scheduled over 250 new clients and 1,250 appointments.

Chew Chicago Company Logo

Chew Chicago

“People these days expect to be able to book online,” which they certainly did during a successful Groupon campaign. Almost 100 percent of the business’s 500 campaign customers scheduled online through Appointment-Plus.

Lexington Medical Center Logo

Lexington Medical Center

Scheduling 250 appointments each month with Appointment-Plus saves Lexington Medical Center eight to 10 hours of staff time each week.

Siloam Counseling Company Logo

Siloam Counseling

Online scheduling has become so popular that over 95 percent of its patients now book their sessions this way.


Eastern Michigan University Logo

Eastern Michigan University

Appointment-Plus “really fits the needs” of the school’s Academic Advising Center, as staff now schedule student appointments simultaneously and schedule automated reminders prior to their scheduled appointment times.

San Jose State University Logo

San Jose State University

Appointment-Plus not only saves an academic advising department five hours of staff time each week, its automated e-mail reminders helps reduce the number of missed appointment times.

Georgia Southern University Logo

Georgia Southern University

Appointment-Plus is a “big resource for the university,” saving one academic advising department at least 10 hours weekly scheduling more than 3,000 student appointments.

Carnegie Mellon University Logo

Carnegie Mellon University

By enabling students to schedule their advising appointments online, Appointment-Plus saves one college department three to five hours weekly.

County College Of Morris Logo

County College
of Morris (N.J.)

Almost 100 percent of students now book their testing center appointments online, thereby reducing the number of phone calls office staff has to field by 75 percent.

Avanti Auto Driving School Logo

Avanti Auto
Driving School

Appointment-Plus is a “Godsend” that saves each instructor two hours of time daily and over $650 in gas annually.

Mathnasium of Ithaca Logo

of Ithaca

By saving the tutoring business over two hours each day, Appointment-Plus has freed up the owner from “time-consuming manual scheduling.”

Tutor180 Tutoring Center Logo

Tutor 180 Tutoring Center

Instant accessibility allows its counselors to quickly view their upcoming appointments and student information from any Internet location.


Zen Fertility Center Logo

Zen Fertility Center

Used to effectively manage and schedule over 80 weekly appointments, Appointment-Plus has also enabled the center to reduce its “no-show rate.

Latimer Chiropractic Logo

Latimer Chiropractic

Appointment-Plus allows its two offices to schedule over 30 daily appointments more accurately and instantly.

D'Arcy Wellness Clinic Logo

Wellness Clinic

Appointment-Plus frees up additional time for the clinic’s staff and receptionist, as well as provide better management of individual practitioners’ appointments.

Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center Logo

Advanced Dermatology

Appointment-Plus frees up at least 10 hours per week previously devoted to manually scheduling and confirming appointments and making reminder phone calls.

Talecris Plasma Resources Logo

Talecris Plasma Resources (Findley, Minn.)

The record-keeping and appointment management process is more efficient, as time is no longer spent writing down appointments. This has resulted in has seen significant time savings and better allocation of staff resources.

Kara Diersing Clapp, PhD, NP Logo

Doctor Kara, PC

Appointment-Plus is a true money-saver for the family nurse practitioner, saving her $40 per patient per visit.

Personal Services

Massage Scheduling Software Reviews

Dynamic Touch Massage Therapy

Saving $2 to $5 per appointment booked and five hours of practitioner time per week, the “low-cost, ‘priceless’ software is well worth the monthly fee.”

Pet Grooming Software Reviews

A Dog’s Domain

A “wonderful system” that offers convenience and reliability to clients and groomers alike, Appointment-Plus is used to schedule all 60 weekly pet grooming appointments and reduces the number of phone calls by 75 percent.

Vernon Photography Logo

Vernon Photography

Appointment-Plus lets the appointment-scheduling process “do its own thing”, thereby saving at least two minutes of time on every appointment booked and reducing the “no-show” rate by 50 percent.

Big Papa Hair and Karve Salon Logo

Big Papa Hair
and Karve Salon

Staff spend less time on the phone and more time with their clients, as 60 to 65 percent now book their appointments online instead of phoning them in.

The Spa At Harbor Bay Club Logo

The Spa at
Harbor Bay Club

Reducing scheduling errors saves the spa over $500 annually, while the system’s features help it better manage its customers’ scheduling.

Exclusive Tans Logo

Exclusive Tans

The system “pays for itself” by dramatically reducing the number of phone calls, helping increase the number of appointments scheduled, and offering e-marketing options.

Hershey Segway Tours Logo

Segway Tours
of Hershey

The service schedules over 90 percent of its off-site customers online, as well as processes their payments through Appointment-Plus.

Pure Cleaning Agency Logo

PURE Cleaning Agency

Used to schedule 70 appointments weekly, Appointment-Plus helps the business better manage both its staff and its customers.

Sports and Fitness

Walbeck Baseball Academy Logo

Walbeck Baseball Academy

Former MLB catcher Matt Walbeck utilizes Appointment-Plus to schedule 90 percent of his Academy's 45 weekly training sessions online.

JC Golf School Encinitas Logo

JC Golf School

Hundreds of dollars and over 20 hours of time are saved weekly, as 100 percent of students now book their lessons online instead of phoning them in.

Finn Fitness and Wellness Logo

Finn Fitness
and Wellness

An “incredibly more convenient method of scheduling appointments, the system has reduced the number of phone calls by 50 percent as well as decreased last-minute cancellations.

Sports Scheduling Software Review

Rose Tree
Soccer Club

Significant weekly time savings are experiences by the soccer club, which uses Appointment-Plus to book more than 50 soccer fields weekly during its peak season.

North Carolina Boat Rentals Logo

North Carolina Boat Rentals

Time savings through online customer booking, and deposits paid online through the point-of-sale module. “When an appointment is booked, it’s booked.”

Haile Plantation Golf Logo

Haile Plantation Golf & Country Club

With almost 100 percent of members and guests booking over 500 weekly tennis times online, Appointment-Plus is saving the club hours of staff time.


Crescent Crown Distributing Logo

Crescent Crown Distributing

As the “single best change” made in years, the distributor saves $500-$1,000 weekly in worker overtime pay, as well as eliminates long truck lines.

Sonoco Logo


Appointment-Plus “paid for itself in the first month” of use, helping the company avoid pricey “hold” fees and allowing all of its inbound carriers to schedule their delivery times online.