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AppointmentPlus Blog

Professional Development Advice from Technology Leaders

2016/5/18 by Kendall Matthews

This edition of AppointmentPlus Radio brings together two industry leaders within the tech sector who share important tips on how to have a successful career in technology.

Boldly Boost Revenue Using the Proven Power of Video

2016/5/16 by Kendall Matthews

Whether you’ve made an attempt at including video in your marketing strategy, or you’ve never even considered the idea, you’ll want to listen to this interview about how to improve revenue with video marketing.

To Build Customer Success, Embrace Golden Rule

2016/4/13 by Tammy Baden

As an Account Manager at AppointmentPlus, Tammy Baden walks a fine line between being the voice of the customer and an advocate for the company.

Christine Kucik: An Interview With Our Director of Product

2016/3/16 by Christine Kucik

Christine Kucik, our Director of Product, shares her career highlights and philosophy of success as a leader in technology and web development..

How the Technology Trap Almost Tanked My Productivity

2016/2/16 by Nate Brown

Once, during a company meeting, our CEO Bob La Loggia, offering up a compliment on my ability to juggle multiple development projects, announced, “In the hierarchy of multitasking ability, there are men, then there are women, and then there is Nate.”

Ready to Launch a Self-service Solution? Read This First!

2016/1/22 by Kendall Matthews

If done right, self-service processes improve corporate efficiency and customer satisfaction. Find out best practices for launching a self-service solution before you commit to one.

Meeting Business & Career Goals Through Better Organization with Nancy Nemitz, Organizational Development Strategist

2016/1/2 by Kendall Matthews

Get tips on workplace efficiency, generating great ideas, holding more effective meetings, and more from organizational development strategist Nancy Nemitz.

The Self-service Culture: Where We’ve Been, & Where We’re Going

2015/12/29 by Kendall Matthews

Self-service has been around for decades, but has blossomed in stride with technology. Embrace the self-service culture and improve the scheduling experience for years to come.

Business Strategy, Technology, & Entrepreneurship with John Fees

2015/12/23 by Kendall Matthews

Get a fresh perspective on how to manage employees, frame your operating principles, and more from entrepreneur John Fees.

Why Self-service Technology Is the New Business Differentiator

2015/12/17 by Kendall Matthews

What makes a customer choose one company over another? Learn how simple changes in your customer service practices can set you miles apart from your competition.

Steve Booze: An Interview With the COO of AppointmentPlus

2015/12/14 by Steve Booze

Learn more about Steve Booze, COO of AppointmentPlus and a leader in the Phoenix business community.

AppointmentPlus Software Offers New Google Calendar Sync Plug-in

2015/12/11 by Kendall Matthews

No feature has been more anticipated than our new Google Calendar sync plug-in. Find out how it’s bringing a new dimension of flexibility to our online scheduling software.

Seven Steps to Franchisee Success with Dan Durney

2015/12/10 by Kendall Matthews

Discover the 7 steps to franchisee success in this interview with Certified Franchise Executive Dan Durney.

Leadership Qualities for Career Success with Don Henninger

2015/11/27 by Kendall Matthews

Phoenix entrepreneur and investor Don Henninger shares the leadership qualities needed to ensure a fruitful career.

The Psychology of Self-service: What the Customer Wants

2015/11/24 by Kendall Matthews

People are attracted to companies that are convenient to do business with. Satisfy the need for convenience by offering online self-service scheduling.

Sales Techniques for Increasing Revenue with Michael Goodman

2015/11/24 by Kendall Matthews

Revenue Kinetics’ Michael Goodman shares sales techniques for increasing revenue in the shortest time, with the least effort

What’s In It for You: The Benefits of Self-service Technology

2015/11/16 by Kendall Matthews

Business, employee, and customer all enjoy the benefits of self-service technology. It’s one of the true “have your cake and eat it, too” business scenarios.

The #1 Mistake in Goal Setting and How to Avoid It

2015/11/09 by Kendall Matthews

Avoid making the #1 goal-setting mistake. Listen as legal mediator Cristi McMurdie explains the crucial step you must make if you want to achieve any goal.

Trends in Self-service: 5 Reasons Your Scheduling Process Needs a Makeover

2015/10/27 by Kendall Matthews

Could your scheduling process be sabotaging your business? Find out if it is, and why online self-service appointment scheduling may be the answer.

Kendall Matthews: An Interview With the VP of Global Marketing and Communciation

2015/09/21 by Kendall Matthews

Learn more about Kendall Matthews, VP of Global Marketing and Communication at AppointmentPlus, and how he developed his expertise in marketing and demand generation.

Bob La Loggia: An interview with the CEO of AppointmentPlus

2015/09/07 by Bob La Loggia

Bob La Loggia, CEO of AppointmentPlus, shares his journey as an entrepreneur and leader of a SaaS startup and his tips for success.

What Will Your Shop’s Revenue Look Like in 10 Years?

2015/08/28 by Kendall Matthews

Wonder how your shop will be performing in 10 years? Ditch the crystal ball in favor of shop management software.

3 Tips for Improving College Student Retention

2015/08/14 by Becky DeStigter

Student retention is an ongoing challenge for college administration. But one type of software can help bridge the gap many at-risk students get lost in.

Why you need to know about TLS 1.2 (though you’ve probably never heard of it)

2015/07/03 by Lawri A. Williamson

Thanks to an Internet security protocol called TLS 1.2, you could lose access to your favorite site. Learn why, and what to do about it.

7 Crucial Questions to Ask a Prospective SaaS Provider

2015/07/03 by Kendall Matthews

Not all SaaS providers play by the rules. Use these 7 questions to identify providers of true SaaS solutions.

Want Effective Meetings? Avoid These 7 Time Drains

2015/06/17 by Steve Booze

Meetings are the business function we love to hate. Learn how to conduct effective meetings by avoiding the 7 biggest meeting fails.

Increase Appointments, Sales, and Web Traffic 75% by Adding Video to Your Marketing Strategy

2015/05/29 by Kendall E. Matthews

Add video marketing to emails, appointment confirmations, and more to boost web traffic and site ranking.

3 Steps to Finding Out If Your Online Scheduler Is Worth the $

2015/03/27 by Kendall E. Matthews

You’ve invested in an online scheduler, but is it worth the money? Use this 3-step test to find out.

5 Change Management Tips to Guarantee a Smooth SaaS Rollout

2015/03/27 by Kendall E. Matthews

5 change management tips for getting total employee buy-in on your new SaaS rollout

What Will the Cloud Bring Tomorrow? Just Ask Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

2015/03/25 by Steve Booze

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos says our understanding of the capabilities of cloud computing and SaaS has just begun. Watch this video as he predicts our future.

3 Crucial Questions to Ask Before You Invest in SaaS

2015/03/23 by Kendall E. Matthews

Software as a Service can help an enterprise meet its growth goals. But can it keep up? Ask these 3 crucial questions to determine if the software you’re considering is scalable.

How to Defeat the Top 3 Transportation Management Challenges

2015/03/21 by David Moore

Distribution center managers continually face 3 big logistics challenges. Find out how to resolve them all with transportation management scheduling software.

3 Key Metrics to Ask About Before You Buy That Software as a Service

2015/03/16 by Kendall E. Matthews

If these 3 key metrics show up in your software provider’s service level agreement, you’re on track to choosing the right Software as a Service.

Still Scheduling Like It's 1999?

2015/02/18 by Christine Kucik

If your organization is still using paper calendars to schedule appointments, though, you have to consider the parallel.

The Creeping Invasion of Wearable Technology

2015/02/03 by David Barkman

Wearable technology is coming, ready or not. But you're going to love it.

The Secret to Getting More Out of Your Merchant Credit Card Processing Service

2015/01/28 by Kendall E. Matthews

Listen to this 15-minute recorded webinar to discover the additional benefits of incorporating merchant credit card processing into your online scheduler.

7 Stupid Marketing Mistakes Startups Should Avoid

2015/01/12 by Kendall E. Matthews

Stop wasting time and money: Eliminate these 7 stupid mistakes from your marketing strategy.

5 GrowthHacking Marketing Tips To Convert 12% of Website Visitors

2015/01/05 by Kendall E. Matthews

Learn the 5 growthhacking online scheduling marketing tips to help you convert 12% of website visitors into customers who’ll pay you an outrageous amount of money.

When Being Sociable Creates Time Management Issues

2014/11/04 by Kendall E. Matthews

You may be fun to work with, but are you having a little too much fun? Try these 4 clever time management tips for Social Butterflies.

Techno-Gadgets for Time Management: Helpful or Harmful?

2014/10/28 by Kendall E. Matthews

You wear the label “technophile” like a badge of honor. But is your love affair with new technology actually hindering your productivity?

3 Time Management Secrets For Those Who Do The Grunt Work

2014/10/21 by Kendall E. Matthews

Worker-bee types can feel stuck in a perpetual work cycle. But with a few time management adjustments, you can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Time Management for Perfectionists

2014/10/14 by Kendall E. Matthews

Perfectionism can be a good thing, and a bad thing. If you’re a perfectionist, here are some time management strategies to help you keep your projects on schedule.

No Time for Time Management? Try These 7 Tips for Regaining Control.

2014/10/07 by Kendall E. Matthews

Find yourself working late a lot just to stay on schedule? These 7 time management tips can help you get more done and get home on time.

Lessons Learned from an Entrepreneur Part 8 –Your Competitors Are
Not Your Enemies

2014/09/30 by Bob La Loggia

Do you think that your competitors are they enemy? Well, think again. In today’s world of “coopetition” and innovation, your competitors play an important role in the success of your business. Learn more.

How Much Freedom Should You Give Employees?

2014/09/23 by Bob La Loggia

So, you think you are ready to become the next Zappos where employees have a very high degree of freedom and autonomy? Well, if that hasn’t been your culture so far, you may want to tread lightly.

Finding Freedom in Delegation

2014/09/16 by Bob La Loggia

Does the thought of delegating a task to someone else cause shortness of breath, sweating, and panic? Fear not; you are not alone. Delegating is a very difficult skill to master, but one that can mean the difference between success and failure.

What is an API and Why Should I Care?

2014/09/09 by Bob La Loggia

What is an API? I thought you’d never ask! Learn about what an API is and why you
should care.

Lessons Learned from an Entrepreneur Part 7 – Don't Be Like a Turtle

2014/08/21 by Bob La Loggia

Are you the kind of leader who steps up when things go wrong? Or, do you pull your head, arms, and legs into your shell and hide? Strong leaders can’t be like turtles. They must face challenges head on if they intend to become truly effective.

Lessons Learned from an Entrepreneur Part 6 – Change or Die

2014/08/07 by Bob La Loggia

Is your company or department growing? Do you have the skills and mindset to lead this growth? If you’re not preparing yourself now, you should be. Learn how.

Lessons Learned from an Entrepreneur Part 5 – Are You Thinking
Too Small?

2014/07/31 by Bob La Loggia

Are you thinking too small? Are you the reason your company or department is not as successful as it could be?

A 6-Step Learning Strategy to Ensure Your Success

2014/07/26 by Bob La Loggia

Are you as successful as you can be? Discover the 6 key steps to ensuring you are learning all you need to know to be successful in your business or career.

Is Training Really That Important?

2014/07/19 by Bob La Loggia

Is training a priority in your organization? Ever notice that companies like Starbucks and McDonald’s place so much emphasis on training? Find out why.

Lessons Learned from an Entrepreneur Part 4 – The Most Critical Trait of an Entrepreneur

2014/06/27 by Bob La Loggia

Successful entrepreneurs are diligent, hard working, and focused. They have a lot of traits that contribute to their success. But which is the most important trait?

Lessons Learned from an Entrepreneur Part 3 – Your Most Important Strategic Move

2014/06/20 by Bob La Loggia

Entrepreneurs are always thinking about what strategic move to make next. And, for good reason. Strategy oftentimes determines a company’s success or failure. So what’s the most important strategic move you can make? Find out.

Lessons Learned from an Entrepreneur Part 2 – Fun With Fundraising

2014/06/13 by Bob La Loggia

Are you thinking about raising money? If you aren’t, you might want to check your pulse. Entrepreneurs always have cash on their mind and not enough in their bank accounts. Learn some tips on very early stage fundraising for startups.

Hot Summer Nights and Cool Scheduling Software Features

2014/05/30 by Bob La Loggia

Looking for some cool appointment scheduling software features? Well, look no further. AppointmentPlus has a ton of them. Learn about 3 top features you can start using right away.

Internal Systems, Yawn, Can Make or Break Your Organization

2014/05/23 by Bob La Loggia

What’s the most important type of business software? Internal systems. Yep, those mundane tools that can make or break a business. Learn more about these important business software systems.

3 Ways to Promote Your Business During the “Slow” Times

2014/05/16 by Bob La Loggia

Promoting your business or department is always important. But are you taking advantage of the “slow” times to leapfrog the competition? Learn 3 creative ways to promote your offering during these so-called slow times.

5 Lessons Learned from an Entrepreneur

2014/05/10 by Bob La Loggia

Are you an entrepreneur? Have you started a business or are planning on starting one?

What are the Top 5 Medical Office Software Tools?

2014/04/11 by Erin Westerman

With so many choices on the market, how can you be sure to select the right productivity software tools for your medical office? Check out the 5 best medical office software options.

How Hypnosis Appointment Software Can Help Solve Your Admin Problems

2014/04/09 by Erin Westerman

Searching for more focus in your practice? Look no further. Free your mind with hypnosis appointment software for your appointment booking needs.

4 Problems to Tidy Up with Appointment Scheduling for Cleaning Services

2014/04/07 by Erin Westerman

Need a deep clean for your company? Your business can shine like a new penny with cleaning service appointment scheduling software. Discover 4 problems you can eliminate.

5 Tips for Improving Your Counseling Business

2014/04/05 by Erin Westerman

Counselors spend all day helping others. How can appointment scheduling software for counselors can help you focus on helping your business? Learn more.

Four Types of Banking Customers: Do You Recognize Them?

2014/04/03 by Erin Westerman

Do you recognize these four types of banking customers? Learn how online scheduling can help provide great customer service for each one (and more).

Aim High with Career Services Interview Scheduling Software

2014/04/01 by Erin Westerman

You’re looking to place students in the perfect position. Place yourself in the perfect position to do so with career services interview scheduling software.

Cleanse Your Scheduling Process with Online Colonics Booking Software

2014/03/30 by Erin Westerman

Want to learn time-saving techniques while detoxifying your clinic? Colonics appointment scheduling software is your answer.

Get Smart! Make Life Easier with School Appointment Scheduling Software

2014/03/28 by Erin Westerman

Put your pencil down and move your schedule online! Read on to discover how school appointment scheduling software can solve your biggest problems.

3 Time-Saving Tips for Speedy Sales Appointment Booking

2014/03/26 by Erin Westerman

Sales appointment booking software can generate revenue you never even dreamed of. Learn how to make booking easier, even for busy sales pros like you!

The Zen of Appointment Booking Software for Yoga Studios

2014/03/24 by Erin Westerman

Looking for a terrific time-saver for your yoga studio? Take a deep breath and exhale. Appointment booking software for yoga studios is your answer.

Solve your Toughest Scheduling Problems with Enterprise Appointment Software

2014/03/22 by Erin Westerman

Does your company suffer from any of the Frustrating Five problems of large businesses? Learn how enterprise appointment scheduling software can help.

3 Ways to Nourish Your Practice with Registered Dietitian Appointment Software

2014/03/20 by Erin Westerman

What’s the secret to a well-balanced nutrition center? Learn how appointment booking software can improve your practice.

Lay Down the Law: Appointment Software for Lawyers Just Makes Sense

2014/03/18 by Erin Westerman

Put your current administrative processes on trial! Improve your law firm with lawyer appointment software. Your problems and reservations get addressed.

Weight Loss Center Scheduling Software Lightens the Load

2014/03/16 by Erin Westerman

Trim inefficiencies at your weight loss centers. Online scheduling software helps you save time, increase productivity, and concentrate on what’s most important – your clients.

Small Business Scheduling Software Puts You in the Same League as the Fortune 500

2014/03/14 by Erin Westerman

Run your small business using a simple trick from Fortune 500 companies. Learn how appointment scheduling software can work for you!

Is Online Appointment Scheduling Software the Right Call for your Call Center?

2014/03/12 by Erin Westerman

How can call center scheduling software streamline your appointments scheduling for your clients? Used by call centers and answering services of all sizes.

Booking Interpreter Appointments Just Got Easier

2014/03/10 by Erin Westerman

Eliminate your biggest time-wasters and hassles with interpreter appointment software for growing businesses. You’ll notice a difference with these three tips.

Score Big with Athletic Field Scheduling Software

2014/03/08 by Erin Westerman

Learn how athletic field scheduling software can make your organization more efficient. Schedule softball fields, tennis courts, practice fields and more.

Trim Some Fat With Personal Training Software

2014/03/06 by Erin Westerman

Get your business in shape using personal training scheduling software. Gain efficiency that’ll have your clients saying, “I’ll be back.”

Let Health Club Scheduling Software Carry the Heavy Weight

2014/03/04 by Erin Westerman

Need a spotter? Health club scheduling software can give your business a helping hand by improving your booking process. Find out how!

Find More Leisure Time With Parks and Recreation Scheduling Software

2014/03/02 by Erin Westerman

Does managing a parks and recreation facility leave you with no time for recreation of your own? Online scheduling software can save you time by improving your booking process.

How Online Booking Can Revitalize Your Med Spa With 3 Simple Strategies

2014/02/28 by Erin Westerman

Save time, increase efficiency, and provide better customer service by using med spa scheduling software for your growing business.

Hit a Hole-in-One with Golf Lesson Scheduling Software

2014/02/26 by Erin Westerman

Get golf lesson scheduling software that’s as impressive as your short game. Sink that putt by ramping up the efficiency of your golf business.

3 Ways Online Booking Software Can Improve Your Day Spa Business

2014/02/24 by Erin Westerman

Use online booking software to improve your day spa’s efficiency, get detailed ROI reports, and save costs by reducing no shows.

Tennis Reservation Software, Facilities, and Staff, Oh My!

2014/02/22 by Erin Westerman

Want to keep your players or members happy? Learn how to make their experience the best and keep them swinging your way for years to come.

From China to Nevada – Tour Booking Software Makes or Breaks the Experience

2014/02/20 by Erin Westerman

Want to create a buzz around your awesome tours? Learn how tour booking software can help create memorable and lasting moments with these three tips.

3 Ways to Eliminate the Hassle of Academic Advisor Scheduling

2014/02/18 by Erin Westerman

Getting headaches from student booking? Not anymore! Discover three solutions to eliminate hassles with academic advising scheduling software.

Can Government Agency Appointment Software Take the Hassle Out of Booking?

2014/02/16 by Erin Westerman

Is your government agency wasting time and money on an inefficient scheduling system? Learn how online appointment software can help.

How Acupuncture Booking Software Can Solve These 3 Scheduling Pains

2014/02/14 by Erin Westerman

Does your acupuncture clinic need a scheduling makeover? Learn how online appointment booking software can solve 3 common problems.

Speed it Up! 3 Easy Ways to Reduce Patient Wait Time with Doctor Booking Software

2014/02/12 by Erin Westerman

What’s up with the wait times, doc? Learn how doctor booking software can keep your patients from losing their cool.

Streamline Your Dock Shipping and Receiving Schedule with Online Booking Software

2014/02/10 by Erin Westerman

Use online booking software to simplify logistics for your distribution center. Dock scheduling software saves time and money, increases productivity, and maximizes facility efficiency.

3 Ways Tanning Salon Scheduling Software Can Take Your Business from Pale to Perfect

2014/02/08 by Erin Westerman

Give your tanning salon a healthy glow by using online scheduling software to save time, increase efficiency, and grow your business.

5 Steps to Awesome Meetings with Financial Advisor Scheduling Software

2014/02/06 by Erin Westerman

Discover five steps to awesome meetings with financial advisor scheduling software. Wow your clients with these easy tricks for improving your meetings.

Business Isn’t So Taxing with Scheduling Software for Tax Services

2014/02/04 by Erin Westerman

Get smart staffing and calendar management solutions with tax appointment scheduling software. Save time and become more efficient with these great tips for your business.

5 Tips for a Healthier Wellness Appointment Scheduling Process

2014/02/02 by Erin Westerman

Are you looking for a better way to handle your appointment bookings? Check out these 5 simple truths of wellness scheduling software!

Stress-Free Interviews in 4 Steps (With a Little Help from Scheduling Software)

2014/01/31 by Erin Westerman

Are your job candidates feeling the pressure? Improve your interviewing process with these four tips for using interview scheduling software. Stress, be gone!

Use Counseling Software to Eliminate the One Tool Counselors Don’t Need

2014/01/29 by Erin Westerman

Empower your counselors and your clients with online counseling software. Learn how to help clients achieve their goals and watch their progress, too.

Get New Musicians Hitting the Right Notes with Music Lessons Software

2014/01/27 by Erin Westerman

Clients feeling nervous about learning a new instrument? Strike a courageous chord with these tips for using music lesson software to increase your customer base.

Online Blood Donor Scheduling Can be Positive for Your Donation Center

2014/01/25 by Erin Westerman

Learn how online blood donor scheduling can save time, increase productivity, and improve your overall operations!

Scheduling a Flu Shot Online: The Good, the Bad, and the Awesome Band-Aid

2014/01/23 by Erin Westerman

Has your clinic ever run out of flu shots? Learn how to improve your customer experience using inventory management in appointment scheduling software.

Can the Right Room Make a Person’s Day?

2014/01/21 by Erin Westerman

Learn how to keep your room visitors happy with tips and tricks on maximizing their experience with room scheduling software.

4 Ways Online Tutoring Software Keeps Your Business Moving in the Right Direction

2014/01/19 by Erin Westerman

Give your students an A+ advantage with online tutoring software. Enhance student performance with these scheduling software tips.

Clear it Out! Keeping Your Business Coaching Schedule Clean for Big Results

2014/01/17 by Erin Westerman

How can you tackle your “To Do” list more efficiently? Look no further! We’ve got 3 tricks for using business coach scheduling software to get results.

Is It Time For Your Photography Business to Step Out of the Darkroom?

2014/01/15 by Erin Westerman

Learn ways to use photography scheduling software to provide the ideal customer experience while maximizing your productivity. Make it easy for customers to get exactly what they want and for you to grow your business.

5 Biggest Time Management Mistakes in the Service Calls Industry

2014/01/13 by Erin Westerman

Solve your service call business’s time management issues by using service call scheduling software. Increase productivity by avoiding these 5 mistakes.

Strengthen your Bond with your Customers using Personal Training Software

2014/01/11 by Erin Westerman

Pump up your customer experience with personal training software. Learn how you can use booking software to improve client-trainer relationships.

Heavy Traffic: How to Handle Vacation Stress on Your Car Repair Business

2014/01/10 by Erin Westerman

Don’t let heavy customer traffic throw a wrench in your schedule. Learn how you can use automotive scheduling software to battle the busy times.

How to Use Dog Grooming Software to Add a Personal Touch to Your Business

2014/01/09 by Erin Westerman

Discover ways to use dog grooming software to enhance your customer experience. Create a friendly atmosphere to make each client feel special with these tips.

The 4 Biggest Scheduling Mistakes Massage Therapy Practice Owners Make

2014/01/08 by Erin Westerman

Avoid common staff scheduling mistakes with massage software. Discover real solutions to the most challenging appointment issues.

5 Ways Salon Appointment Software Can Help You Put Down the Scissors

2014/01/06 by Erin Westerman

Find out how salon appointment scheduling software can help you free up time to get some needed R&R. Learn 5 ways to ensure you stay sharp and on your game!