How Can I Make an Appointment Book?

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Though your local department or office supply store may have dozens of different appointment books to choose from, the cost of keeping them in stock for a small business (especially a busy small business) can add up very quickly. Even pre-punched, pre-made appointment binder paper can carry a hefty price tag.

Making your own appointment book isn't difficult. And the result is a custom, professional looking organizer that costs no more than the paper it is printed on.

10 Steps for Creating a Professional Appointment Book

  1. Open Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program.
  2. Create a header with the name of the month in a large, bold font.
  3. Create a footer with the name of your business.

    You can also insert a graphic of your company logo for a more professional appearance.

  4. List in the first column of your spreadsheet the days of the month.
  5. Ensure the left margin is wide enough to punch binder holes.

    In most cases, this is the default setting. However, the margins can be altered in the "Page Layout" tab of most programs.

  6. Include any other information along the top row that might be pertinent.

    This can include the name of the customer and the name of the assigned staff person.

  7. Print the page.
  8. Change the name of the month in the header and the number of days accordingly.

    Print the page again and repeat for every month of the year.

  9. Punch holes on the left side of the page for a three-ring binder.
  10. Insert appointment pages into binder.

Also remember that many office supply stores have pre-punched printer paper available to save you the time of punching the holes yourself.

Electronic Appointment Books

If you have a computer available in the reception area of your business, you can save time and money by simply saving the spreadsheet on the desktop and typing in the appointments as you go. Be careful, though; closing the program without saving it could very easily wreak havoc on your scheduling.

Also consider using online scheduling software. This grants you the ease of making your appointments online without having to worry about losing all of your appointments if there's a power outage before you save your schedule or your computer crashes unexpectedly.

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