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“We use Appointment-Plus to handle our teachers’ very busy schedules. The web-based software is easy to use from anywhere in the world.”

Beth Rohde
Coast Music Conservatory

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What is AccurateAnswers™?

AccurateAnswers™ is our pledge to you to provide accurate responses to questions you have about the Appointment-Plus system. Our support has always been the best in the industry. As a matter of fact, many clients switch to Appointment-Plus from other systems because of our outstanding support.

AccurateAnswers™ improves on our support process by making the question clarification process more streamlined. Sometimes, getting clarification on a question or answer can be time-consuming. We are striving to reduce the amount of back-and-forth that is sometimes involved in the support process.

This means that we will provide the right amount of detail to you when answering your questions. We will also tailor our answers to your business, so that you are getting the relevant information you need to best utilize the system.

AccurateAnswers™ from Appointment-Plus is another way we express to you how valuable you are to us and how we truly care about your organization.

Try Schedule a Demo. See if it makes your appointment scheduling easier and more convenient. And, experience our AccurateAnswers™ commitment to you and your organization.

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Fowler Johnston
Albuquerque Police Department Academy

We have over 1100 police officers we schedule for firearms qualification, in service training, and advanced training. We needed a system which could manage all scheduling and generate the necessary reports for our department and the department of public safety. The Appointment-Plus software has met our needs and we continue to find new areas where it can be utilized. The price is very affordable for the tightest budget and the support staff are great!

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