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So, what’s the dealio?

How does appointment scheduling software work? Is it easy to set up? Will it work for my scheduling needs? You probably have a ton of questions at this point. And, that’s okay. We’re here to make sure you get them all answered.

Experience fewer no-shows

Nobody likes no-shows. Sometimes customers have valid reasons for missing an appointment, but sometimes, they just forget. With automated email and text reminders, many of our clients have experienced a 50% decrease (or more) in no-shows.

Save time

When you let your customers book online, it frees up staff to work on other important tasks. For example, the advising office for the Business Administration College at Georgia Southern University saves over 10 hours each week since implementing the scheduler.

Improve customer loyalty

Hey, there’s no denying it. People these days are attached to their computers, smart phones and tablets. Indeed, worldwide Internet usage is skyrocketing. Our clients tell us all the time that their customers really dig being able to book 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

Get better data

Every organization needs good data to make good decisions. The Appointment-Plus reporting module gives you the flexibility to slice and dice your data. Do you need to know how many appointments were completed today? No problem. How about today’s sales numbers? We’ve got you covered.

Nowadays, people seem to do everything online. This includes booking appointments. When you provide appointment scheduling software to your customers, they book more appointments.

Hear from our subscribers

"The scheduling rules function has improved on-site operations, as staff overtime hours have decreased. In fact, we now save $500 to $1,000 in overtime pay each week."

Scott Trotter

Crescent Crown Distribution

More multi-location businesses use AppointmentPlus
software to transform their operations

We Support More Retail Locations than all the Starbucks & Wal-Mart locations Combined

Some pretty cool features

What would a web site be without talking a little about features? We have more features and flexibility than any other appointment scheduler. We’ve been around since 2001, for gosh sakes. That’s an eternity in Internet time. Since then, we’ve continued to deck out our booking software with awesome features.

Allow customers to schedule and cancel their own appointments, edit contact info.
Create staff member profiles, assign individual staff logins, determine staff accessibility.
Run and save reports, set recurring appointments, view and update past appointments.
Run and save reports, pre-set reports include statistical, sales and loyalty, export files to Excel.
Add, update or delete customers, maintain payment information, view appointment history.
Services and registration, secure online payments, including payment for open invoices.
Send e-mail messages through system, repeat customer reminders, and more.
Phone and email support offered in three tiers: Premium, Extended, and Basic support.
“Learn more about the benefits of online appointment scheduling.”
Bob La Loggia, CEO and Founder

We don’t need no stinking computers

Maybe your business runs on smart phones or tablets? No problem. Our iPhone and Android mobile applications consistently earn high marks. We also have a tablet-optimized version of the appointment scheduling software for those of you glued to your iPad, iPad Mini, or Android tablet.

Plug me in, baby

We have a number of plug-ins to help make your life a little easier. Plug-ins let you connect your scheduler to other popular software programs that your business already uses. You can also download both free and fee-based apps within our Marketplace. They are integrated right into the online booking software, so they’re easy to access and easy to use. Some of our marvelous plug-ins include:

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